Question 255

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23 Responses to “Question 255”

  1. bapsi:

    i am not sure, but i hope that i have positively impacted someone.

  2. anon:

    my own

  3. alexis:

    my parents.

  4. Damola:

    My Girlfriend :-). It is amazing to see how a persons life can improve significantly based on associating.

  5. Illo:

    My best friend. She had no one until I came along and reached out to her. Now she has lots of friends and self esteem and everything.

  6. 9revs:

    my cat’s life, for sure! 🙂

  7. jKING:

    Probably my wife’s…and not for the better : (

  8. PS:

    My own!!
    I have changed a lot in the past couple of years and am happy (& proud) of the person that I’ll become in the next 5 years. It’s all planned out (:

  9. DI:

    i don’t know , but hope i did leave a positive one

  10. Anne:

    How would i know? I can only hope, but there’s no way I can know for sure.

  11. JJ:

    I hope that I have impacted every person who’s life I have been in in some way by being me.

  12. i would have to say that of my children, who are either grown or almost grown. We have the biggest impact on our kids. That is scary because I know it has not all been positive. That being said, it is important that we show them how to “mess up”. That it is OK to make mistakes, and then how to overcome the consequences of those mistakes.

  13. Jo:

    My boyfriends.

  14. craig:

    My Daughter’s

  15. Li:

    My boyfriend,he said I helped save his life & change him into a better person.
    & probably my moms,since we’re close & we’ve stuck by eachother through everything,and I help her through some hard times.

  16. Inge:

    I hope I have had some impact on my exgirlfriends life.
    She deserves it. And she will never know how much I loved her.

  17. Amanda:

    My boyfriend. He told me that I helped to improve his life in so many ways and get him on a better path.

  18. Rachel:

    My little sister’s. And unfortunately, I’m leaving a big, bad impact on her life.

  19. Macey:

    My best friend. He’s my sweet little brother.

  20. A:

    My friend who I helped to walk away from suicide.

  21. Jade:

    My ex boyfriend. I did break his heart, and I believe that screwed him up a lot.. we haven’t talked since so I dont know how he is. But he was in a terrible place before we met. I really helped him get on track.

  22. Ashley:

    My moms.

  23. Nick:

    My friends.

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