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  1. people who dare to be vulnerable

  2. m:

    Vancouver bus drivers.
    Because they always take the time to be kind and caring.

    My English, Writing, and Psych professors.
    Because of their unending energy and empathy.

    And my friend H.
    Because she makes me smile, laugh, and feel loved.
    And because she saved my life.

  3. Ella:

    people who try, fail and try again until they succeed

  4. Tiva Joy:

    Elton John really impresses me, his singing voice, the lyrics in his songs, I just love him.

    Steve Maraboli impresses me. He does an internet radio show on like 3 times a week. Show after show is simply amazing.

    People who control their tempers really impresses me; I wonder how they do it.

    My brother has been impressing me lately with his work ethic. He’s so grown up now.

    I have been known to impress myself at times. 🙂

  5. K.:

    people who put their lives in danger every single day impress me. especially those who do it for others

  6. hey yo:

    my friends! I know the coolest people ever!

  7. Anne:

    All the artists who have meaning in their lives

  8. Proud to be his sister:

    My big brother, brian. Most kind hearted, generous, strong, smart guy. ever.

  9. BecauseofYou:

    A teacher of mine. She lost her husband last May, a week later she was back at school because she knew her studdents still needed her. She is the strongest person I know. She now is raising her son with the help of her 27 year old son. She does everything she can to help others, even purchase clothes for them, pays for braces, pays for cap and gown, anything anyone needs she will do what she can to help. She is the best teacher and because of her I want to be a teacher to help students

  10. Chelsea:

    Random people who have followed through with their dreams and or just seem really happy and confident.

  11. Jay:

    My parents raising me with morals in a corrupt world.

  12. The first thing that came to mind are single moms, specifically, as they work so hard to provide for their family and raise their children to be responsible adults. I cannot imagine trying to do this alone.

  13. Beh:

    Those willing to sacrifice their morals to accomplish something

  14. craig:

    People who give up a very good, secure job in order to follow their dreams

  15. Donna:

    my husband and my children

  16. Li:

    People who go out of their way to do thinggs for people,without being asked or without getting anything in return. People who give,even when they have nothing left to give. People who never give up,even when everything is against them,because they still have faith things will get better.

  17. Megan:


  18. Megan:

    Lizzy. She is careful with who she trusts. She can be emotionally cautious without being cold.

  19. A:

    People who do what they say they will, when they said they would. Surprisingly, it’s not very common.

  20. Annie:

    My mom: she is better than the best mom ever. She does everything for us and gives us so much love.

    My best friend Heather: her loving heart, her brilliant mind, her angelic actions, her selfless spirit, her strong work ethic, her polite nature, how she patiently listens, how she gives wise advice, how she’s stuck around for the past 11 years.

    My other best friend Sam: her beautiful, genuine smile through hardships, her wonderful sense of humor, her bouncy, upbeat nature, her brilliance, her patience, her love, her creativity

    My other best friend Colette: her hilarious nature, her understanding, how tuned in she is to the world, her wide range of knowledge, her confidence, her loyalty, her love.

  21. Annie:

    I realized I didn’t do any of my people a justice

    My mom also: Is a strong Christian, has one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen, has such a brilliant mind, and has a caring heart

    My best friend Heather is: supportive, generous, WONDERFUL with kids, a devout Christian, and one of the most fun people to be with

    My best friend Sam: makes me smile on my darkest days, loves me, loves God, is honest, and is forgiving

    My best friend Colette: Is a true Christian, is kind, is artistic, is talented, and is friendly to all.

    I love these 4 ladies.

  22. P:

    My best friends;
    N & L have incredible guitar skills,
    A & D have both been accepted into Oxford University and have worked damn hard to get there,
    M’s bravery in coming out and being openly gay in a very homophobic, abusive highschool. He’s proud of who he is, and is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet,
    Also, my Daddy. I still assume that he knows everything. He’s a wonderful man, and if I can be half the person that he is when I’m his age, then I’ll be very impressed with myself!

  23. Nick:

    People who started out as losers and eventually becoming better.

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