Question 259

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21 Responses to “Question 259”

  1. Ael:

    When it’s life threatening, or especially harmful.

  2. MM:

    when you can save a life

  3. Damola:

    When it positively affects another individuals life. Especially if the secret is a mistake that was made. A personal example is always easy to relate to.

  4. When not doing so could harm someone, or when doing so can positively affect someone, but NOT at the harm of the other!

  5. when keeping it hurts someone

  6. Sarah:


  7. Anne:

    when someone may get hurt or break the law

  8. Carol:

    You will know when it is the right time to tell the secret. God will let you know when it is right to let it all out. Trust God

  9. daniela:


  10. PS:

    When it can save someone else’s life. Though that person MIGHT hate you for some time…
    but sooner or later, he will realize what you did was right!!

  11. m:

    Oh, when the right time comes…
    You’ll just know.

  12. Tiva Joy:

    I agree with Maria. When it hurts someone.

    Or… when a website asks you a question. LOL!

  13. Beh:

    When there is something to gain from it

  14. Jess:

    Only if & when it will save that person’s life

  15. Donna:

    don’t make promises you can’t keep.

  16. Sash:

    It’s funny because i’ve been keeping a secret for my good friend for years. And it is hurting them. And I know I should tell someone. But I can’t. And thats the worst part.

  17. Green Knight:

    When telling the secret will help the person whose secret it is.

  18. Rachael:

    I did that once to friends I thought I could trust.
    Never again will I tell a secret like that to anyone as long as I live.

  19. Li:

    Only if it’s going to harm them or someone else in a serious way,ie;muder plot,suicide,cutting,etc.
    Other than that,I don’t think you should.

  20. Liz:

    when it will hurt someone if you don’t.
    at some point a secret stops being a secret and becomes a lie.

  21. Nick:

    I agree with the others. When keeping it hurts someone and when saving a life.

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