Question 260

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  1. M:

    Training for speed skating. All day. I’m not even joking.

  2. K:

    mmm. riding my horses. yep.

  3. Ralph:

    Playing chess with my daughters on a mountain top after a hike!

  4. I would spend it with friends, family, good food, great music, singalongs and swimming. and plenty og chocolate

  5. I would spend it with friends, family, good food, great music, singalongs and swimming. and plenty of chocolate

  6. Exercise like crazy, go rock climbing, smoke a bowl, have a couple of big-ass burritos, and then relax on the beach like a beached whale.

  7. m:

    In her arms.

  8. Janie:

    On a hot beach, alone, laying in the sun by the water. Just listening to the tide come in and out.

  9. DI:

    on a beach with friends , drinking , barbecuing , listening to music ,lots of chocolate , strawberry , dancing , riding a banana boat and bikes :)) i need to spend a day like that

  10. Tiva Joy:

    With him… definitely, no matter what we do, as long as we’re together. That’s all that matters! 🙂 Oh, and music definitely has to be involved in some way.

  11. bapsi:

    going to a hockey game with my friends.

  12. Sarah:

    Just lying in bed and talking to my boyfriend.

  13. Sophia:

    Going shopping or to the cinema with friends. Or playing tennis all day.

  14. In bed. A lazy day with someone special, lovemaking punctuated with long talks about whatever comes to mind, sharing secrets, watching the shadows of half-drawn curtains stretch and grow long over bare skin, and reading to one another, favorite passages from favorite books or stories or poems.

  15. Anne:

    That’s a big question.
    Lots of things.

  16. Aaron:

    Hm…I’d have to say that I would first get my best friends and my little brother and play games outside all day in the nice warm sun. Games like tennis, bag toss, badmitton, ect. Then go for a long walk and watch the sun set on the beach with everyone. Just talking about random stuff with something intelligent here and there. *sigh* what a day that would be…

  17. Swish:

    With him.
    Making something really good, and then eating it.
    Just talking.
    Going on walks.
    Leaning against each other.
    Doing nothing.

  18. Jay:

    Flying, like without planes, swimming, seeing beautiful sights and curling up with an excellent book and some chocolate and pizza.

  19. craig:

    Go for a long horse ride with someone special in the mountains, stop next to a river and go for a swim and picknick before heading home into the sunset.

  20. Jess:

    A camping out horse-riding weekend with that special person…

  21. Tori:

    Playing soccer when the sun rises and not stopping till lunch where we would bbq and have a couple drinks, then keep playing soccer until the sun sets and even under the stars

  22. Scott:

    I wouldn’t want to waste a second of those precious 24 hours.
    I’m not certain about what to do, but there are some things I’m definitely sure about.
    I will NOT go to school.
    I will spend time with that special one.

    That’s all I can say for now. It depends: is there an unlimited budget about what to do?
    That would make it very, very interesting… 🙂

  23. A:

    Sleeping in. being lazy. reading. playing music. doesnt get better than that

  24. If I were by myself, I would go for a walk in the woods, lie on a blanket next to a lake, read a book.
    If I were with others, I would spend the day with my 4 young adult/adult kids, their spouses/sig others, the 7 grandkids and just hang out, talking, playing. I love seeing my family interact and have a great time! It reinforces that we did SOMETHING right, lol!

  25. Blink:

    Hiking accross a mountains, through fields, climbing. With or without someone else. Taking in the sights and the beauty of the world. Stopping for lunch with an incredibly breathtaking view and eating rehydrated food from my Jetboil. Perfect.

  26. Alec:

    My ideal day… waking up without being tired at the same time as my beautiful wife to be, cuddling in bed for a bit without saying a word. getting up for a nice cold shower. freshly baked rolls from the bakery for breakfast with some jam and scrambled eggs, either some Jasmin tea or hot chocolate, im not sure which… then heading out and putting out the horses, cleaning the box and preparing food. playing a game of canasta with the future in-laws + wife to be (winning would be nice, but its the game and conversation that counts). taking a walk out in the autumn cold, wrapped up in a jacket walking hand in hand, just enjoying the wonderful weather and the company. stopping by Cafe del Sol for lunch, maybe a schnitzel or something, thats not even whats important. quiet date with Honey. then on the way home head to IKEA to dream about our ideal house again, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, childs room… lovely homemade dinner on the table and after that another game of canasta before bed. lying in bed with the tv running, but we both arent paying attention to whats on anyway, just cuddling, im stroking her hair, massaging her shoulders, she is just running her hand up and down my side. and then she looks into my eyes and says “i love you, i cant believe our wedding is tomorrow”. that would be my ideal day… right up to the day after of course (“,)

  27. Debbie:

    -Smiling- because on my ideal day I would have everything I ever wanted.

  28. Li:

    Having all my family together,for once in one state. Also,everyone happy & with my boyfriend just hanging out,going shopping,beach,dinner. Whatever as long as everyones together & happy.

  29. White:

    My ideal day would be the day i am smiling for no reason jsut because im happy.
    The day when i have no stress.
    A day when rest easy with a peace of mind.
    When my relationship with God is so complete, i look in the eyes of my future husband and know my life is almost complete.

  30. Torrie:

    On a beach,Watching the sun and the people.:) Making the most of my favorite place on Earth. <3

  31. Avery:

    In the band room at school with my marching band family.

  32. Macey:

    Doing all the things I don’t dare doing yet…

  33. Jgs:

    Maybe going to a concert, not just any concert. My favorite band. It’s the first thing I thought of.

  34. Jade:

    I would wake up early with my best friend, we would go to breakfast and the beach to lay out. After an hour or so more people would show up to play beach volleyball. We would go back to the pool. Then shower and go out for a night on the town.

  35. Nick:

    Go out of my house, go anywhere, explore new things with others and enjoy it.

  36. Jessica:

    I would be with all my loved ones, outside on a sunny day, swimming, and talking, and lying around. And just being together.

  37. back in june, when everything was simple, back in those sleepless nights, with your arms around me. no worries, no expectations. if we were to know the outcome maybe we would of made them last longer, those were my ideal days. no fears, just comfort.

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