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  1. Wes:

    For the thirty-five years of their marriage, they kiss whenever one of the comes home. The small things really amount to a lot in the long run

  2. Sandy:

    Mother: she has dedicated her life to caring for others
    Father: After being kicked out of school and having no education after age 15, went back to school at age 30 to get a degree so that he could provide for his family.

  3. Their unconditional love

  4. I wish I could say for sure; I never knew either of them very well.
    Still, they haven’t given up on me despite all the distress I have caused them… and that is truly admirable.

  5. Julia:

    That even though they are in their 80s, they keep their interests growing and are connected to life and the world around them …

  6. anonymous:

    My mother has an amazing ability to see a situation from both sides. My father has a big heart and always makes me smile.

  7. Ashley:

    my mother is very strong,she had my brother when she was 16 and when he was 3 he became sick with a rare blood disease. I admire my fathers love and kindness

  8. Anne:

    They try.

  9. Swish:

    They have never openly argued or yelled at each other.
    They always discuss things instead of fighting.

  10. Sad to say I didn’t admire either of them much before they died, within 18 months of one another. Only after they were gone did I begin to understand the struggles and heartaches they had endured in life. I begun to know WHO they were, after they were gone. Sadly…

  11. Meghan:

    While I admire that they never forced their beliefs and religion onto my siblings and I, I’m not sure if I also resent them slightly for it. I formed my own morals and values and beliefs. But I lack faith, I do not have a religious opinion and I feel like I’m missing out on something.

  12. Sophia:

    That despite all the stress in our everyday, they still find time to have family time together.

  13. Cricket:

    I admire their love and respect for one another. Married, currently, for 27 years and they’ve given me a gift I will truly cherish. They showed me what a real relationship should be like. =)

  14. Stu:

    I admire my dad for always being a man, and never shirking the responsibilities that come with that.

    I admire my mum for always caring, sure she messed up along the way but she always cared.

  15. Li:

    I admire my mom for the fact that she raised 3 kids by herself,even though my father made her life living hell. She always put us first, & she has a huge heart.
    I don’t admire my father for anything. He tore my family apart & ruined everything and then up & left with his ‘new’ family,typical dead beat drunk.

  16. Tiva:

    This took me a while to think about….
    I admire my mom for how well she takes critism. She also is a very independent woman and has taught me a lot about life, and some of what I don’t want out of life.
    My father passed away when I was 15, but I admire at how good he was with people. He had so many friends. He always showed he cared for us kids in so many ways… he just wasn’t good with himself, which is ironic.

  17. Amanda:

    Father: I admire how hard-working he is. He didn’t have a lot growing up, and he always made sure me and my brother had everything we needed.

    Mother: I admire how caring and compassionate she is. She always puts other first and is the most selfless person I know.

  18. Caity Rose:

    They know who they are and don’t compromise it. They only knew each other 6 months before they were married, and they’ve been married for 25 years. With nearly all of my friends’ parents divorced, my parents’ relationship is admirable to me. Whatever ups and downs happen in their lives, they stay by each other and work everything out until its better.

  19. LittleMusician:

    I truely admire them for who they are. Their ability to care and forgive, no matter what obstacles they have to overcome in live. You could say I mostly admire them for being my parents 🙂

  20. Megan:

    Their love for each other despite their flaws

  21. Bridget:

    I admire my Mothers ability to always love me and I admire my fathers never being able to love anything.

  22. Emma:

    Absolutely nothing, because neither has done anything admirable without some type of alterior motive behind it.

  23. Quin:

    their true love.

  24. Annie:

    My mom is amazing. She is so hard working, she’s intelligent, she’s so loving, she’s understanding, and she has a good heart.
    My dad…tries.

  25. SC:

    My mother is the strongest person I know. She’s been through a lot, and has raised 4 kids practically by herself.
    My father never gives up. He’s no Father of the Year, but he tries to the best of his abilities to be a great dad.

  26. Nick:

    They’re hardworking. They love each other and us and they don’t let our family fall apart.

  27. Julie Takase:

    My “father” is a man that chose to be there when my actual father wasn’t. He taught me what it was to be a man. What life is really about. My mother taught me to never back down from anyone. To never show my fears.




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