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  1. Anne:


  2. m:

    Everything must end. And I’m happy with that. 🙂

  3. Sophia:

    No. i dont think so

  4. Orient:

    No, I would not be able to live seeing all my family and friends die.

  5. Silvia:

    Definitely no.

  6. inspectah-derek:


    The meaning of life, whatever an individual defines it as, would lose its meaning. The thought of having death on our shoulders keeps us going and motivates us to work to live life fully. Without the pressing weight of death on us at all times, we would wander mindlessly through life. Possibly losing sight of the distinction between past and future and the reason why those are significant to our development as unique individuals.

    On the flip side, living forever + living a life a significance seems like the ultimate challenge. But honestly I think none of us would have the courage to take that challenge on.

  7. Sarah:

    No. I wouldn’t want to see all of the people I love around me die while I live on.

  8. maria:

    definitely , NO!

  9. I would not want to live forever if everyone else around me were dying. The movie Bicentennial Man shows this so well. It would be sad to watch those around me to die.

  10. I would love to live forever. Think of all the knowledge that could be accumulated… that’d be awesome.

  11. bapsi:

    no, because i would have to live without all the people you care about.

  12. Ruthi:

    No, Death is the only certain thing in life. If we live forever there will be no peace in our minds.

  13. DI:

    I would love to live forever as long as my loved one is here with me

  14. Tough question:


  15. Thomas:

    As in cannot ever be killed, no matter what? A veritable Dr, Manhattan, only without the God powers? I would become a living time capsule, giving lectures about today’s world to people hundreds of years in the future.

    Sure, I’ll watch as the people I care about die around me, but people I care about are going to die eventually anyways. I’ll meet new people, and even when they die, they will live on in my memory, long after anyone who directly remembers them ceases to live. In the age before the telephone and internet, if you travelled the world and met different people, once you left that area, odds were you’d never see them again. After awhile, thanks to new technology, I may not have to worry about leaving friends behind.

    On the subject of technology, there is an old saying:
    “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. There are hundreds of fields of knowledge that are continually expanding, and I would get to watch the miracles of scientific discovery unfold. The Higgs Boson, the completed unified field theory, the cure for cancer, the n-th prime formula; I would get a front row seat to all of mankind’s greatest achievements.

    Age brings wisdom. Without having to cram as many experiences as possible into my life, I am free to relax and view the world more objectively. Someone with 500 years of experience can offer a great deal of insight.

    When the world finally comes to an end, I can be launched into space. The long journey will give me plenty of time for quiet contemplation, as well as an opportunity to gaze at the wonders of the universe. If there are other civilization out there, I can interact with them, and share the story of a species that lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. And when the universe ends, would I cease to exist, or would I sit, mind full of obsolete knowledge,a comprehensive understanding of a universe that no longer exists. Perhaps, with what I know, I can make one exist.

  16. xD:

    I would like to live some hundred years, maybe thousand, but not forever.
    Forever is a long long time. I would kill myself after XXXX years, but I would love to see new eras come and go.

  17. Blink:


    I think the people that come close to death, usually have an amazing life because they see how fragile it can be. They set their goals and their happiness and they work damn hard for it. I think living forever would irradicate that.

  18. Tiva:

    To live in this body forever… I don’t think it would be so bad. About everyone dying before you, sometimes that happens in life and we still can’t do anything about it. As they say, when one door closes, another door opens… that’s true with people too, if we let it be true.
    But my spirit, my soul, the essence that is me,(I trust and believe) will go on forever. So what is the difference… I enjoy this body and all the mini/grand pleasures it brings me.
    ((I have to admit, I am glad that I have the end of this body to look forward to. I would enjoy seeing all those I love who have passed on.))

  19. Amanda:

    No. The cycle of life and death is a natural process. We know we have a limited time, so we have to make the most of the time we are given. If people could live forever, I doubt they would truly be able to appreciate and enjoy life. I recently revisited a book I used to love when I was little that had to do with this. Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. It’s a children’s book, but it has a powerful message about life and death.

  20. Tjerrie:

    All the people that answered ‘no’ or ‘absolutely not’ didn’t really understand the question right.
    The question is ‘What would you do, if you lived forever?’ not ‘Would you like to live forever?’

    So, Since Thomas was the only one till now that gave a reasonable answer, I’ll give one too.
    If I lived forever, my one and only goal would be to figure out what the world is all about. Because all the knowledge in the world could never be acquiered in one life, nor two, nor a hundred. If I lived forever I could try everything, I could start over when I wanted, reveal the mysteries of the world. I could witness the end of the Earth, which would probably be my end too.
    Yes, I would see the people around me grow old and die. But, that’s natural. We see people grow old and die when we don’t live forever too, don’t we?
    To live forever would be both a gift and a curse, but, hey, isn’t life itself not a gift and a curse?
    Every moment, dark or light, is a miracle…

  21. Caity Rose:

    I agree with xD. I would love to live for several hundred years, but not necessarily forever. There is so much in this world to know and to do that I feel a mere 80 or 90 some years is not enough. I have several centuries worth of things I want to experience and learn. I would want to die eventually though. There’s a certain tragic element to the idea of eternity.

  22. Brian:

    it isnt asking if you would.

    I would try to find all of the beauty in the world. I would try to make everything good. I would travel city to city, fixing problems. Then, when all the bad is gone in one city, I would move on to the next.

  23. rah:

    waiit. what?
    the question clearly says “if you could live forever, would you want to?”

    anyway, ill only live forever if my two most favourite people in the world would too.
    i honestly dont think i can function without either of them.

  24. Janie:

    I can’t imagine anything worse than living forever. There is no greater earthly punishment.

  25. LittleMusician:

    Why would I want to live without my family and friends around me? Also, this would include either not aging at all or aging endlessly- both are no real options. Not aging would be equal to not having any progress in your life and aging endlessly would mean becoming sick and old without any option to release yourself…
    Therefore I don’t think living for ever is an option- even though the insecurity of not knowing what will happen after your death is not the nicest thing to feel.

  26. Vio:

    No. Time against us is what makes us live.

  27. justanobody:

    to be forever my current age, unable to die, would be the most blissful situation that anyone could ever ask for. even if a god existed and there were some kind of afterlife, nothing would be better than infinitely experiencing the universe.

  28. Douglas:

    I dont know if I would want to live forever.
    The thought of my death is a scary notion.
    But then, nothing is forever.

  29. Macey:

    No. Never. No way.
    I don’t even wanna live longer than till I’m 50 or something (although I’m probably gonna disagree with that as soon as I’m 50 ;)).

  30. Kate:

    No. The world would change too much and leave me behind.

  31. Rebecca:

    Of course not. It would be cool to live a little longer, but not forever.

  32. marie:

    no i wouldnt because year after year i would have to go through the pain of seeing someone i love pass away, it would tear me up inside to deal with that all the time,

  33. Jo:

    Hell no! Read the Journey of Souls. I have and I am looking forward to the afterlife.

  34. Gor:

    Only if i could stay young as well.

  35. Nick:

    I would like to live longer but not forever. I want to be with the Almighty.

  36. PufferFish:

    As long as I could have certain people live forever with me, and that we didn’t age.

  37. Franz:

    If I had the chance to live forever without regards to age, sickness or accidents, I’d propably would say yes. I’ve allways loved the idea of being some sort of eternal wandere through time. The possibility of mastering so many arts and gaining so much knowledge to help people alone are intriguing. And think of the storys I’ll be able to tell…

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