Question 265

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34 Responses to “Question 265”

  1. Izzy:

    love. other people. everything. i love being alive.

  2. KRD:

    knowing i will be a mother someday

  3. Talking about absolutely insane movie script ideas over dubstep.

  4. Sophia:

    Laughing so hard I cant feel my stomach. Moments when I feel so alive and free.

  5. A Dreamer:

    The people I love, my future, and my dreams.

  6. DI:

    Laughter , love , new things , favorites dessert , friends , dreams , i love being alive , living and enjoying life as much as i can

  7. bapsi:

    knowing that everyday is a new day and will be better even if it feels like it sucks right now.

  8. Anonymous:

    The fact that there’s always a possibility for change in a positive direction…even when it’s hard and especially when it’s scary

  9. Ael:

    My amazing friends, my beautiful girlfriend, being outside and just running, dancing, music, horses, the smell of a barn, autumn, new snow on the ground, my wonderful cousin and my aunt, listening to stories told by my grandfather, eating my grandmother’s macaroni, playing with my dog, watching lightning, listening for the train everyday at exactly 6:34 pm.

  10. manny:

    Laughter and endless possibilities.

  11. Anne:

    The internet! /b/ and moot! Christopher poole and boxxy <3

  12. Libby:

    knowing that someday it will all work out and I will be paid back for everything I’ve been through in the 19 years of my life.

  13. excited that perhaps someday things will go on my way, dreams will come true, and excited of everything that i dont even know yet, that possibilities, i dont know…:)

  14. Justin:

    That somehow everything works out the way it was supposed to in the end

  15. yup:

    Falling in love…

  16. Stu:

    Looking at everything through my 4 year old daughters eyes and laughing too.

  17. I love watching my grandchildren ages 3 months to 10 years, as well as all children, learn and discover something new in their world, like lightning bugs, to see the awe on their face is amazing!

  18. Tiva:

    Laughing and making others laugh.
    Helping others feel better in some small way.
    The right kind of music always lifts my spirit and excites me about life.
    Also, hope for a family of my own in the future!

  19. Amy:

    The idea that someday I’m going to achieve my fairytale ending.

  20. Amanda:

    Love, laughter, friends, family, music, finding pleasure in the simple things in life

  21. maria:

    the wide range of possibilities i have!!!

  22. Erin:

    Knowing that I have amazing friends with whom I can spend hours chatting about life or laughing until I have a stitch in my side. Knowing that I have the best, supportive family in the world who will love me no matter what happens. Knowing that there are so many interesting things about the world and its various people that I want to know. Knowing that I know very little in the scheme of things and will never know more than this. Knowing that I have my whole life ahead of me and that there are so many more things that I will see and do in my life.

    These things make my world go round.

  23. Anonymous:

    the excitement future brings, and my friends.

  24. kid:

    first robotics 2011

  25. Nas:


  26. Macey:

    every little thing :O)

  27. Emma:

    Seeing new places with curious eyes! (whether those are streets, cities or new towns)

  28. Jack:

    The pounding of horses hoves over the groung, the sound of their breathing, the smell right after they had a bath, the wind in my face as I’m riding, the freedom I feel flying through the air over a jump. I feeling that my horse will take me anywhere; miles away, just around the corner or all the way to the sky.

  29. Jade:

    Having a family

  30. anon:

    Recovering from depression and self injury…moving to a better place (literally AND metaphorically), doing more of what I’m passionate about, and my friends and family <3

  31. Nick:

    Knowing that there are new things to try and simply being alive to do the things you love.

  32. Julie Takase:


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