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  1. S:

    My role model. or one of my friends. why? because i want to know what life is like for them. i know it’s not perfect, it’s not easy etc…i wouldn’t want to be them forever, but it would be interesting to see life the way they do for a day…

  2. I would want to be either my friend Shawn or my friend Jeremiah for a day, and really get into their mindsets and their view of the universe. I think it would totally turn my own view of the universe on its ear.

  3. Tiva:

    That’s a tough question… but I really think I’d like to be my cat for a day. Not having to worry about anything, but eating and sleeping. Nice life.

  4. 9revs:

    I agree with the cat sentiment. It’d be interesting to view the world from a completely different level of consciousness.

    As for another human being.. I’d like to be somebody from a totally different part of the world from where I am. Somebody with a completely different world experience than me. It might do us all a little good to live a day in the life of, I dunno, say…an inhabitant of a slum in Mumbai. Who knows.

  5. Anne:

    I would be…my sister. just to see.

  6. anonymous:

    My best friend i think. because we don’t have a close relationship, we don’t tell each secrets like normal people and I don’t know how to get to her! We have been friends for about nine years and we still don’t act like real best friends. And I think she struggles a lot, but I don’t know how to help her. If I could be her for one day then I could see how her life is, and how I can help.

  7. Leonardo Da Vinci — even if it means going back a few centuries.

  8. Sarah:

    My mum. To see if her life is as difficult as she makes it out to be.

  9. Breanna:

    My girlfriend. So I can understand her better, and be a better girlfriend for her..

  10. Rache:

    Angelina Jolie because she is an amazing woman

  11. Janie:

    Hmmm. If I had to pick one person…I think it would be J.K. Rowling. That would be amazing for a day!

  12. A:

    I’d be my dad. I want to know why he hates me so much.

  13. Lua:

    I will back to time and be a princess ^^

  14. manny:

    I’d be omi.

  15. Debbie:

    The person I love. Just to know a few answers.

    A famous actress. They say fame isn’t everyting, I want to realise that even futher so I appreciate my average life.

    Hermoine Granger (Don’t laugh!) I want to wave a wand and make magic happen.

  16. I would have to pick Hermione Granger. No joke. For a couple of reasons. One being, she gets Ron Weasley. Another is that I would absolutely love to be able to make magic, wave my wand… 🙁 I wish it was realll 😛

  17. shen:

    the popular kid..
    cuz people always say you dont know what their lives are honestly like until you walk in their shoes.

    The person i like..
    to figure some stuff out about them.

  18. Leslie:

    Anyone who is healthy just to see what it is like in a healthy body.

  19. Jay:

    my mother, So maybe I might finally be able to understand her.

  20. maria:

    i would like to be someone without FEARS ,whithout inhibitions….whoever that person is , i want to be HIM!

  21. Allie:

    My best friend, to find out what she really thinks of me.

  22. Emma:

    My sister. Just to see what she goes through every day, and see how it affects her when I vent to her.

  23. Chloe:

    same with Emma. and I wouldn’t be anyone else, just kind of, my spirit outside of me. and then I’d be looking at myself going through life. That’d be cool

  24. Macey:

    I don’t care who, as long as its someone else, so I could do whatever I wanted without having to feel embarrassed…

  25. nocturnesthesia:

    I want to be rich. Hell, just one day without the financial stress would help.

  26. Squidward:

    Pharrell Williams because I’d wanna know how it feels like to be extremely creative, humble, funny, and imaginative and at the same time receiving a bunch of respect from the most talented minds. At the same time gettin a lot of girls, riding the nicest cars, living the g.o.o.d life and feeling on top of the world.

  27. Shae-Lynn:

    A boy. It doesn’t really matter which boy, anyone will work. I want to experience peeing as a boy. I’m sure I’ve built it up to be way cooler than it actually is in my mind, but I don’t care. I’ve wanted this since I was little!!

  28. DSL:

    My best friend, and I would get rid of her boyfriend.

    She would do the same for me. xD

  29. Dale:

    My boyfriend. So I could see how he manages to cope with all the hardships he has to go through yet still have time to deal with me and my depression. He’s my role model.

  30. George Weasley, he’s legendary or someone who died, to see what it’s like

  31. arbi:

    my mother, to bring her back to life

  32. Nick:

    My best friend so I could feel tall once in a while. 🙂

  33. Shawn:

    The other girl he loves.

  34. PufferFish:

    My boyfriend.
    No, not so I could see into his thoughts and see what he’s doing like a creeper. I want to take the burden of all his disorders and health problems off of him, if only for a day. That way he can see what it’s like to be ‘normal’ and I can see what it’s like to be him and better know how to deal with his reaction if something goes wrong in normal life.

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