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  1. Maddy:

    I don’t cut myself anymore. I can eat again. I have people who love me.

  2. Before starting to make any enormous excuses, just get up, tie up my shoes and head out of the door in the morning… that’s how I picked up my running habit these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I started putting myself first, taking care of myself. I walked away from a job that took way too much out of me! It was tough, but necessary.

  4. Sarah:

    I’ve fallen in love.

  5. Sam:

    I finally realized that following your heart isn’t always the way to live.

  6. L.:

    To Maddy:
    I don’t know you, but I sure do admire you for overcoming your problems. Just wanted to say that.

    Biggest change I’ve made recently, is that I now trust myself enough to fall in love with this boy.

  7. I played my own music in a concert and I told my parents something important

  8. manny:

    I’m trying. That is all I can do to save my relationship with my family.

  9. bapsi:

    I have accepted that showing emotion won’t make people think less of me. Also i have let the girl i love go, because it is what she needs to make her happy

  10. yup:

    new job, moved, broke up with my boyfriend, decided to stop

  11. Libby:

    I refused anti-depressants, I started going to counselling, I’m moving out of a house with people that caused my depression, I’m working harder than ever towards my degree

  12. Anne:

    I learned about the difference between short term happiness and long term happiness

  13. not much:

    got a few more things and people to live for for when im not enough

  14. i learned to let go…

  15. Tiva:

    I am working on my anger issues. Lol! Instead of saying everything I am upset about, I work on thinking about things thoroughly, maybe some exercising to get it out of my system. The anger is still there, but I find that it’s easier for me to find things to rid me of it. Writing in my journal helps a great deal, plus listening to music that I love really helps me too!

  16. A:

    I have A) realized I have major problems and as hard as it is to say I can’t fix them on my own B) I have amazing friends and sisters who are there for me even when its hard to talk about it C) Cut A LOT of negative and disrespectful people out of my life and D) Broke off a very long mentally draining relationship that was a lot worse then I would like to admit.

  17. Amanda:

    I’ve started to appreciate life more

  18. Zsรณfi:

    Broke up with my boyfriend, moved to another city, started university, turned from being socially awkward to a quite social person, without losing myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Tomo:

    Decided to find another carrier.

  20. Jessica:

    I’ve gained weight, and I have never felt so beautiful. I’ve tried to stay positive. And most importantly I’ve learned it’s okay to admit I’m in over my head sometimes.

  21. Alyssa:

    I’ve decided, that even though I’ve had a rough past, I won’t let that get in the way of my hopes and dreams. I won’t let anyone’s harsh words or actions make me feel bad about myself. I hope you can do the same, people love you and want you to be happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’ve stopped living with ego and my conscious is openning to more dimensions and more possibilites.

    Sending you all Love, Light and Peace xoxo,

  23. Ael:

    I stopped cutting and quit the drugs.

  24. Erin:

    After three years of binging and purging, I finally asked for help and support in overcoming bulimia. The simple act of sharing my dark secret with those I love and trust has had remarkable effects on my life.

  25. Andrew:

    started to follow my passion and my dream…. life is too short not to try…

  26. C:

    Erin: good for you! i’ve been struggling with bulimia for 5 years. past 3 years have seeked support. it still is a rough road. but it’s getting there…

  27. Louise:

    I broke up with a boy I truly wanted to be with because I was not being treated the way I should be – I realized my happiness should not be dependent on someone else’s actions.

  28. Nas:

    Follow my Passion and What feels right.Recently quitted the school program which is not for me and went into Film studies because I was always touched by moving films(the ones You’ll swell up watching).I want to make beautiful and memorable stories!Wish me luck aite.

  29. Kristy:

    I’m moving out of my parents’ house and going back to school. I’m finally going to stop putting others before myself, especially when I’ve learned the hard way that there isn’t the slightest chance they will do the same for me.

  30. Macey:

    got a nice new sense of humor.

  31. Jade:

    I applied to university. I’m ready to leave my hometown behind.

  32. anon:

    I’ve stopped self injuring and didn’t let myself slip back into an eating disorder. I’ve used my experience in the last 2 years to have even more empathy for others and to find the huge amount of previously untapped strength within myself. I’ve found out the hard way who my real friends are (and aren’t), and I started being more open about my depression with the real ones, the wonderful ones. I’ve become even more passionate about helping others. I’m becoming the person I want to be. <3

    To everyone who posted, especially about overcoming similar issues, but about everything else too–thank you. You are encouraging and inspiring. YOU give me hope. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are loved! <3

  33. Nick:

    I’m starting to exercise six times weekly.
    Slowly adjusting to a new environment.

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