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  1. perhaps:

    actually, the same people who make me feel the worst make me feel the best. there comments can make me feel good about myself or really terrible. usually terrible. sucky part is i allow them to. i give them that power to influence me all for the few times i’ll get a genuine compliment

  2. Eff:

    Not drinking. Not smoking. Exercising. And excercising self-discipline and self-control.

  3. Eff:

    Sorry, I misread the question. I answered to the question ‘What makes you feel good about yourself?” Okay, so WHO makes me feel good about myself? My mom. She tries to understand me and is non-judgemental and open to different views. It has taken me a long time to know this about her.

  4. A Dreamer:

    Those rare true best friends that are hard to find in this world.

  5. A Dreamer:

    And teachers…

  6. bapsi:

    my friends that have truly become my family.

  7. Tiva:

    My best friend, definitely! He’s amazing!

  8. L:

    my new family of truely loving, beautiful friends who care about me more than I thought was possible 🙂

  9. My hubby of almost 30 years, my young adult kids who are now my friends!

  10. anonymous:

    To be honest, there is no one that makes me feel good about myself. But that is okay, because I am good at making myself feeling good.

  11. Jackie:

    my bestfriend, forever and always<3

  12. A:

    To be horribly honest….the people who’s lives are more fucked up than mine. I sit and am a listening ear for them and somehow listening to their crazy makes my crazy seem okay…

  13. Amanda:

    My boyfriend

  14. Meghan:

    My friend Josh. We aren’t besties, but we do get along quite well. He’s always optimistic, and his laughs are contagious.

    My best friend Wren. Even though it didn’t work out, my self esteem boosted when she said yes when I asked her out. We’re both girls.

    My teacher Mr. Williams. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to stay in my moody attitude that I had through out the day, but it dissolves as soon as I’m in his room and surrounded by Josh and people like him.

  15. a viv:

    My friend Adam, he doesn’t realize it but he’s the one person I feel good around no matter what.

  16. Libby:

    It used to be my ex boyfriend, he knew exactly what to say or do to make me feel better. Now, not anyone in particular. I miss him more than he knows.

  17. Andy:

    My girlfriend she has been there for through everything. She is the most amazing girl in the world wouldn’t ask for anyone else in my life

  18. Anne:

    me. nature. lol.

  19. Jay:

    God, my father.

  20. Janie:

    My mom. She’s got my back always.

  21. LittleMusician:

    My best friend who always tells me I am beautiful and amazing- even though she deals with anorexia and things like that.
    She doesn’t even know how much her words mean to me, she doesn’t know I have severe problems with my appearance and am not confident about my self at all.

  22. Megan:


  23. maria:

    my dad!

  24. Jessica:

    Alyssa- She is always there for me and glad to be so. She listens but doesn’t push, she talks but doesn’t make everything about her, she assures but doesn’t lie, she hugs me all the time, and most importantly she loves me. She is my best friend.

    Logan- All I can say is I don’t think anyone could make me smile quite so much or quite so big. He is truly something special.

  25. Alyssa:

    First and foremost, God. He reminds me everyday that even when life gets tough, it’s worth living. Even when no one else is there, He will always be. God is my hero, my life, my everything. And I will forever be thankful for Him.
    And secondly, my best friend, Laura. I doubt she will read this, but just know that she is the best friend anyone could ask for. She knows my secrets, and about my childhood, but she never judges me. She listens to me when I’m in my worst moods, laughs with me when I’m in my best, and she is not afraid to go out of her way to show she cares. Before she and I were close, I never knew the real definition of a friend. I’m so glad I can finally say I have a friend in this world.

  26. White:

    My uncle andaunt…if not them only Andrea.

  27. Ael:

    There aren’t any people, but the music I write makes me feel better than any person could. My dog’s unconditional love makes me feel wonderful.

  28. Erin:

    My mom – she is the best support in my world and always knows how to cheer me up when I am feeling down.

  29. SC:

    My dad, I barely ever see him. But whenever I talk to him he always has the most encouraging things to say. He tells me I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, and that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. I don’t get that support from anyone else in my life.

  30. Tiffany:

    My husband, he tells me I’m beautiful, and smart, and makes me feel better when I’m sad, he makes me feel like I am worth the space I take up.

  31. Cole:

    I have this friend, who is just a friend at the moment, she makes me feel like i am someone and i dont know if i do but i try to do the same for her. And even when we’re mad at each other, she somehow still makes me not do what i used to.

  32. Jade:

    As terrible as it sounds, people worse off than me make me feel better.

  33. June:

    The one who let me wear a college sweater, no make-up and … Let me be me. It don’t happen to often though.

  34. Nick:

    My friends and my mom.

  35. Nobody:

    These foreign exchange students Luisa and Hedwig

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