Question 372

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  1. Angria:

    That I can survive without you.

  2. Heather:

    I’m not sure…I guess I haven’t grown like I thought I would.

    Time for a change of plans then…

  3. Aaron:

    I can do crossfit! And I’ve realized that I’m extremely successful compared to most of my old friends. So I’ve learned that I CAN do it!

  4. mm:

    run further than 21km

  5. Anna:

    I can finally stand up to you, without being seen as just another “disrespectful teenager”.

  6. Lainie:

    Being in a committed relationship and moving on after the death of a loved one.

  7. Another girl:

    Take care of patients in the hospital :) Gotta love being a nursing student!

  8. AJ:

    That I can be single, happy and not feel like I need you.

  9. Inez:

    that im happy even if your not around
    its a different sort of happy but its still
    a happy

  10. J:

    smile. a year a go I was so depressed I didn’t know what it felt like. now I’m off all meds and am happy

  11. Jillian:

    Abstain from having sex

  12. jw:

    be confident

  13. allie:

    i can say that i will have my doctorate in 4 years.

  14. B3SH0Y:

    tell my parents that i want to join the military. we’ve been having intense arguments about it, but at least i can say that i finally stepped up and faced them.

  15. Anne:

    play ukulele and guitar, forgive people quickly, and I have a better overall understanding of life.

  16. Some Girl:

    Keep my anger and patience in check.

  17. think more consciously

    and get up freaking early 😉

  18. Chris:

    standing on my own

  19. Appreciate every little thing of good in the world.

  20. Sophia:

    I’m still growing, so it is a lot of things I can do today. I play much better tennis, I can run further. I can describe myself which was something I couldn’t do a year ago. I am also more comfortable in big groups with people. And I can also laugh at myself when I do something embarrassing.

  21. Namunyak:

    RUN! :)

  22. Cristian Marius:

    Be proud of what I do. Say once more:I am in love.

  23. Jason:

    Stand up for myself and follow through on MY plans.

  24. Rachael:

    Be able to tell my Mom and Dad what’s actually going on instead of hiding it.

  25. Run 3 miles straight! :)

  26. Ben:

    I can live alone

  27. Anonymous:

    honestly say that I am OKAY!

  28. Bridget:

    Run up, along and down a mountain while the sun sets over the sea… and love myself enough to not go back to you.

  29. RS:

    Happy that Jillian is no longer having sex

  30. Brigid:

    Now I can handle a 401k and my investments without help (well, much help). . And I know the difference between a (c)(3) and a (c)(4) tax exemption status. And I am paying all of my own bills, I own my own car… etc.

  31. Marisol:

    Well nothing positive I suppose. I can now down 6 shots without being wasted. I can pack a bowl and roll a joint. I know how to properly light and smoke a cig.

  32. Jake:

    The girl in that picture would be nice.

  33. Anonymous:

    I can play Fur Elise! The simplified version, anyways.. but that’s good enough for me right now.

  34. HappyFukr:

    Have sex for over a minute without eyaculating. :O

  35. Dusty:

    Develop discipline. :)

  36. Cody:

    I can sing…in tune (well) last year, I couldn’t keep a pitch to save me. :)

  37. A Dreamer:

    Believe in myself.

  38. jak:

    get out of bed in the morning.

  39. Tina:

    I am now able to understand basic chemistry in which I was more than deffinently not capable of doing a year ago.

  40. annah:

    I know who I want to be

  41. Kelli:

    Walking away.

  42. Jake:

    I can stay sober

  43. Heath:

    Speak Brazilian Portuguese and be understood 95% of the time by native speakers :)

    Exercise regularly.

  44. Alexis:

    that I can be outgoing and make new friends. =)

  45. Alexandra:

    Walking away

  46. Sapphire...:

    Play piano.
    Not worry about pursuing the guy I love.

  47. jaki:

    1. I can honestly say I believe myself to be physically beautiful.
    2. I can honestly say that I have a boyfriend/that I am no longer single. And he makes me happier than I think I’ve been in five years.

  48. Oozy:

    Navigate my way through the backpacking world of Southeast Asia completely alone.

  49. c.trip:

    tell my family how i truly feel. and am beginning to tell my friends

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  51. em:


  52. Brooke:

    Be confident in myself.

  53. Jomz:

    Read Body Language.

  54. Batman:

    Look myself in the mirror

  55. geebee:

    Have patience. I have SO much more patience than I did a year ago. Yay me!!

  56. CS:

    Walk out of the house of an abusive parent, not looking back.

  57. Raven:

    Linear algebra and advanced calc :)

  58. SarahDylan:

    I can lose weight this year. I’ve never been able to keep up will power and determination for this long, and the exercise is doing so much good!

    Next year, I hope to be able to be happy on my own without reliance on a partner for fulfilment.

  59. Me:

    live an indipendent life in my own house

  60. Nick:

    Making Illustrator projects.

  61. ":

    capability of love.

  62. Jane:

    A lot of maths problems

  63. Cyerha:

    To let go of anything in my life that has a negative affect.

  64. xox:

    Let go of certain people/things and walk away.

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