Question 372

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65 Responses to “Question 372”

  1. Brooke:

    Be confident in myself.

  2. Jomz:

    Read Body Language.

  3. Batman:

    Look myself in the mirror

  4. geebee:

    Have patience. I have SO much more patience than I did a year ago. Yay me!!

  5. CS:

    Walk out of the house of an abusive parent, not looking back.

  6. Raven:

    Linear algebra and advanced calc 🙂

  7. SarahDylan:

    I can lose weight this year. I’ve never been able to keep up will power and determination for this long, and the exercise is doing so much good!

    Next year, I hope to be able to be happy on my own without reliance on a partner for fulfilment.

  8. Me:

    live an indipendent life in my own house

  9. Nick:

    Making Illustrator projects.

  10. ":

    capability of love.

  11. Jane:

    A lot of maths problems

  12. Cyerha:

    To let go of anything in my life that has a negative affect.

  13. xox:

    Let go of certain people/things and walk away.

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