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  1. sundaeone888:

    My biggest regret is a secret I will bring to my grave.

  2. My biggest regret is cutting. I hate myself for it every day. I mean, somedays, I wish I never did it. Then, some days I feel like it’s actually bettered me, then some days… I wish I just cut deeper… But, that’s my biggest regret. Ever starting that.

  3. manny:

    Losing my butterfly pendent I had as a kid when I was much older than I acted.
    I think about it everyday I put on the jacket it fell off on.

  4. Amanda:

    Not doing my college’s study abroad program. I really wanted to experience life in another country, but was too scared to go away for 4 months. I’m graduating next semester, it’s too late to do it now.

  5. Allison:

    @Amanda Not living abroad was my biggest regret now i’m an English Teacher in South Korea. You still have time.

  6. you:

    not doing it earlier.

  7. Zsófi:

    Thinking that having a boyfriend = participating.

  8. Pretending to be someone I’m not. Not proud of it, but it felt necessary at the time. I realize how dumb it all really was now, but when you’re trying to fit-in or be something to someone so you don’t have to be alone all the time… that’s just self-destruction.

  9. bapsi:

    always protecting the people I love but forgetting to protect myself.

  10. Blink:

    Nothing. I don’t regret anything, I vowed to myself and God I wouldn’t. Only learn from my mistakes. I don’t like that I’ve hurt people, but I have always made amends any way I can, learnt and moved on.

  11. Anne:

    using him as a confidence boost. I still do it sometimes.

  12. Anony Mous:

    My biggest regret is saying goodbye to my mother in the morning before school. I didn’t know it would be my last. It hurts to know that I would never be able to say hello again.

  13. Janie:

    I trusted a guy with everything. He was my first love. He shattered me, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly where it went all wrong. I regret giving that much of myself to another person, without knowing they wouldn’t let me down.

  14. Leo:

    Not asking her earlier

  15. LittleMusician:

    Not being able to show the world who I truely am. Not being able to express my opinion because I’m always afraid my “friends” will love at me. Not being able to make sure I’m being loved and taken seriously.
    All in all, behaving like someone I am not- just because I have to be who everybody expects me to be.

  16. Sophia:

    I am still young and don’t have any regrets. But I know that I should never regret anything and instead learn from it, and not doing it again.

  17. Tiva:

    I really really regret this one… sleeping with my best friend’s fiance just so he’ll shut up. It was the worst thing I could have done to a friend of 8 years. Things were going downhill between us, but that’s no excuse. Our friendship ended after that and she won’t/can’t really forgive me. But I learned she wasn’t a true friend anyways.

    I also regret re-introducing my mom to marijuana. I have since quit, but she still keeps on smoking it. It doesn’t mix well with her medication she’s taking, and often thinks herself crazy… yet she won’t give up the weed. Hopefully she’ll learn, like I learned. (hopefully)

  18. Justin:

    My regret is not telling my first best friend what I wanted to tell her. I didn’t know she would move the next day.

  19. Andrea:

    Being too shit too often and not letting people know how I felt. I feel like I’ve missed so much because of it.

  20. just me:

    Some days are good days and I tell myself I like who I’ve become, and the only way to have become who I am now was to make mistakes. Those days I have no regrets. But other days, when I’m sad, or lonely, or just wish I was somewhere else so badly it hurts, I know that I regret saying things and doing things that contributed to those feelings. So, I guess I regret the way my past can so easily affect my present, and my future.

  21. Jeff:

    No wife. No kids.

  22. Anon:

    For letting him take advantage of me and letting him use me.

  23. Jessica:

    I regret letting lingering thoughts of him inhibit me from achieving real intimacy with anyone. I just don’t know how to right it as of yet.

  24. White:

    thoug i dont regret anything because it was a lesson learned..if i did it would be how he used me and i convinced myself it was helping him and i was good.

  25. Kay:

    My regret was letting him walk away without telling him how much I loved him, cared for him, and wanted him to stay. My regret is knowing that he won’t talk to me now because of everything that has happened and everything I have said. My biggest regret is not being strong enough for all of my friends and family, and not being strong enough for myself.

  26. Davide:

    My regret was not saying to my father how much I loved him… and not being strong enough for crying on his funeral…

  27. Debbie:

    I regret not telling people how I really feel about them. Positive and negative.

  28. Ael:

    I regret the cutting, the drugs. I regret selling myself and letting people use me. I regret lying to myself and everyone else, so that I don’t hurt anyone, but making everything hurt more in the end.

  29. Sara:

    I regret ever believing that going to this college would make people respect me more just because of its great reputation. Now I’m stuck here, hours away from everyone who loves me, I’m unable to make any friends here, and my parents refuse to let me transfer to a school closer to home. Don’t ever think that just because you can get a good education somewhere that it’s worth losing everything that made you happy. I’m afraid I’ll never get that happiness back and I’m just wasting years of my life.

  30. Erin:

    There are no regrets, there are only mistakes. Sure, I have made plenty of them, and I have made many of the same mistakes more than once. But without all the mistakes in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today – a person created from each and every success and failure in her life. I have finally learned to love this person unconditionally, despite whatever happened in the past. We can only look toward the future and the great opportunities that lie ahead of us. Why should I dwell on the negative when there are such positive prospect awaiting me?

  31. Emma:

    Convincing my sisters to apply to schools in Washington, then me backing out of our plan, knowing they both passed up a lot of opportunities.

  32. Alex:

    Letting the guy I love go. Now he loves someone else and they aren’t together but because we are still best friends, I have to hear about her every day, and every night I cry, just so I won’t take it out on him.

  33. Racheal:

    My biggest regret is having sex with two guys, and not telling them when I turned up pregnant. I know who the father is now, but he doesn’t know, and I wish i had told him from the beginning.

  34. dani:

    waiting far too long to say “i love you”

  35. Katrina:

    I regret not understanding my father’s death when I was young. He killed himself when I was nine, and I always thought it was because he didn’t want to be my dad anymore. Now, no matter how much I try to feel okay about trust and commitment, I always feel that I’m not good enough for anyone, not even my father.

  36. Bails:

    I know i should regret things in life but I regret not knowing what I had was good and getting ride of it and now wish i had it back

  37. Marie:

    Not having self-esteem…

  38. Yuchie:

    My first boyfriend basically “surprised” me by beginning to have sex with me one night when he knew I wanted to save it for marriage.

    I figured since I already “lost” my virginity, I might as well have sex with him.

    I regret not respecting myself and my body more.

  39. Jade:

    I regret:
    My first kiss,
    Losing my virginity,
    The way things ended with my first boyfriend,
    The second guy I slept with,
    Falling for guys too hard,
    Treating a good friend badly,
    Not going away to university after graduating,
    Saying “I love you”,
    Quitting competitive cheerleading,
    Not cheering in high school,
    Not participating in high school activities,

    I regret a lot of things. I would probably never take any of them back though. They have all made me who I am.

  40. goodgirl:

    i’m still a virgin
    i regret having webcam sex with my boyfriend
    i feel sorry for my parents who always worry about my health
    and do their best to ensure my body is well-nurtured
    and i gave it away for someone to masturbate over
    im so sorry…

  41. Sareen:

    I’m in the same boat with “goodgirl…”
    Now I have problem in forgetting what i’ve done now…
    I really regret showing him…
    I really regret I’ve done everything he asked me to…
    And at the end I found out that he was only using me…

  42. Nick:

    Learning how to masturbate.
    Searching for adult sites.
    Not having the guts to ask her.

  43. Grace:

    Not telling him that I’d fallen in love with him, even though I knew he had feelings for me, because I thought there were too many complications and that it wasn’t going to work out. I still haven’t told him, because he’s in a relationship now and I dodn’t want to do anything to mess that up, but I wish I did the last time I saw him regardless of that fact, because now, I don’t know if I’ll ever get that chance.

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