Question 279

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  1. A:


  2. T:


  3. Jay:

    myself, my mother, him, her, them, ^_-

  4. Spencer:

    My parents.

  5. m:

    Him. For hurting her.

  6. 9revs:


  7. Inge:

    Myself. For hurting myself.

  8. Amanda:

    The kids that bullied me all throughout middle school. I know it’s silly because I’ve been out of middle school almost ten years, but it still hurts.

  9. Swish:


  10. Shaun:

    myself… for not being strong enough.

  11. Erin:

    myself for making so many mistakes. and him for getting me back into them every single time.

  12. simun:

    Everyone for everything, including myself

  13. crystal:

    Sometime I feel like I want to forget the past, but I know that every one and everything is brought into our life for a reason. Most of the time, I think its the love that I would want to forget, but as much as it hurts to love and give your all to someone you learn that they brought something amazing to your life and that’s a memory that hurts but its also one that makes you joyful. I have fallen so many times with the same person, but at the end of the day I can tell you why… Love. It’s a powerful emotion and within it you learn to care for yourself when you have to. I have found my own personal strength through it and I have learned sometimes it’s ok to give in to the tears. Time will heal all wombs, its what you do with your time in between the hurt and the end result of I’m ok.

  14. C:

    My husband, and the bi$@h he had the affair with…

  15. manny:

    my family.

  16. Sandy:

    My ex. Its been over a year but I still can’t imagine forgiving him for what he did.

  17. Tiva:

    I don’t really have anyone left to forgive. I think, so far, I have been pretty good at forgiving people that hurt me and seeing things from their side. It feels so good to forgive.

  18. Zels:

    my mother.

  19. Nas:

    Mum and Dad.

  20. Annie:

    My sister. God, help me to forgive her.

  21. Jessica:

    It’s been almost three years and I’m still trying to find the strength to forgive the guy who did the unthinkable to me. I’m not sure I’ll ever find that strength.

  22. Samantha:

    Him. For leaving me all alone.

  23. Z:

    my step dad for the way he treated my brother and I
    and myself for how ive let that effect me.

  24. John:

    My Ex, for the things that shes done, and the person that she is going to become

  25. SC:

    My sister’s father. It’s been well over 10 years and I still have hate for the man that made life hell for my Mom my brother and I. The scars are a daily reminder of the worst years of my life. I’ll never forget the week I couldn’t go to school because my right eye was swollen shut, I’ll never forget hearing my mother’s screams and cries late at night, and I’ll most certainly never forget the last night I ever saw the man that put my brother in the hospital. But I will forgive him. Not because he deserves it, but because it will help me to put it behind me.

  26. Anonymous:

    Everyone except my sister. Because she fuking doesnt deserve it.

  27. Jessah:

    Him, for cheating on me and getting her pregnant.
    Her, for not keeping the baby.
    And me.

  28. Raeanne:

    I want to forgive her for making my life a living hell everyday in Middle School and High School. But I can’t forgive her until she felt the pain I felt. Until she wonders why she is on this Earth, and wants to remove herself from it. I will never forgive her because she took my life from me…I’m in college now and I still hear her voice saying to me “You don’t deserve to live, do us all a favor and die.”

  29. Az:

    Him, for cheating. Her, for ruining what couldve been a friendship. Me, for staying anyway.

  30. C:

    For leaving me twice and lying throughout our whole relationship. I forgive you Amy.

  31. P.:

    I would forgive my father for killing himself before he got to know me.

  32. Annie:

    Myself. My Mom.

  33. Teresa:

    The girls that bullied me throughout elementary school. I would like to think that if they were in trouble I wouldnt hesitate to help them, but I´m not sure.

  34. Shortie:

    My mom.
    I want to love you again but I just… can’t.

  35. Aly:

    My dad, mr. tazz, and myself….

  36. Lindsey:

    The girls who made my life living hell from 5th-8th grade.

  37. Liz:

    helena and christine.
    they deserve it.

  38. marie:

    my biological father for leaving my mom in a bind and not even gettin to see his own daughter,
    nn the stupid crack head my mother brought into our house that stole everything from us and hit my mother, even though i have so much hate for the both of them and have wished things upon them that i shouldnt, i forgive them only because its time for me to move on in life and stop dwelling on the past, it will always hurt me inside but theyre forgiven,

  39. Jade:

    I have forgiven everybody in my past, I wish people would start to forgive me.

  40. I would like to forgive my friend’s girlfriend for making him turn on me because she hates me. I would like to forgive her for taking him from me.

    But I never will, because I realize she’s not worth my forgiveness, and I want her dead.

    I just want my friend back.

  41. Raven:

    My ex best friend. She dated my ex and even though I say I’m ok with it now and over it I’m not. I want to be but I just cant.

  42. Nick:

    My family and myself.

  43. Taylor:

    To actually forgive my mom for trying to kill herself.. and for making my life a living hell from that point on..

  44. Laurel:

    Him, for something stupid he did before he even met me.

  45. Julia:

    My friends. I can’t keep on forgetting the past, because they do the same things that hurt me. I even try my best to make it clear that they are hurting me, but they can’t help who they are. I wish I could forgive them for being rude and selfish, but I can’t.

  46. Sarah:

    Myself for, well everything.
    My parents for the messed up childhood.
    Friends who didn’t make any effort to maintain contact.

  47. hexmage:

    Myself and my Brother.

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