Question 285

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36 Responses to “Question 285”

  1. MM:

    Yes, because I know where I am, there is so much love in my life!

  2. Desiree:

    No, I’m in college, but I’d rather be traveling. Fuck society!

  3. m:

    I’m happy just to be alive!

  4. Tiva:

    Yes… of course, there are places I would love to see and people to be with in the future, but right now I am having so much fun. I just begun painting again and truly love it. Spending quality time with my brother is priceless and I will never regret it. This holiday season I have been so active, going to shows, visiting friends, participating in others lives, I am having a lot of fun right now.

  5. J:

    not even close. we’ll see if i make it.

  6. Zsรณfi:

    Yes. Because i’m meeting a lot of new people and having lots of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    No. I’m learning medicine. I never wanted to be a doctor. I want to learn Philosophy. Fuck.

  7. Jackie:

    yes because i try my hardest everyday.

  8. Megan:

    I really think I am. Life is like a gigantic, complex puzzle that has thousands of little pieces in it. The only difference is, you don’t have the picture on the box telling you what to do. I feel like for the first time, I have enough pieces together to start getting some inkling of what the big picture is.

  9. Vio:

    I do not know

  10. Amanda:

    I think I am, but sometimes I feel I should have accomplished so much more by now.

  11. Anonymous:

    “not even close. weโ€™ll see if i make it.”

  12. Anonymous:

    Yes (:

  13. Yes.

    For the air smells so good every day I get up ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Jessa:

    Not quite.
    I seem to disappoint myself often, especially when it comes to schoolwork. College hasn’t gone as well as I’d expected.

  15. Sophia:

    Yes very much. I have great friend who is always there for me. I am healthy. I do very good in school. But still there is something missing, it always is..

  16. emma:

    no. but i don’t know if anyone is truly happy in high school…

  17. Ris:

    No, because I’m too unsure of the future to even feel safe for a minute.

  18. Jessah:

    No. I am showing the world a person that is not me. I need to get up the courage to show everyone who I truly am. And maybe then my life will fall into place slightly more easily. Then again… maybe it won’t. Life hasn’t been easy up ’til now, why should it be any easier in a few months?

  19. Jillianne:

    I believe, I am in the right place at the right time doing whatever it is that I am doing at that time…it is all alright, Yes I know everything happens for the right reason and in divine timing….good , bad or indifferent.

  20. Anne:

    I have everything I need for enhanced survival, entertainment, and I have all the possible kinds of love in my life. Family, Friends, and first love. It’s not really my first love, but this is as innocent as first love ^_^

  21. Annie:

    Yes. I feel complete.

  22. Shortie:

    I don’t know what I want to do with my life, my family is falling apart and I feel completely and utterly alone.

  23. Kennie Bella:

    no. i’m 10652 miles away from home.
    i’m ‘in love’ with a country,
    but its not this one

  24. c:

    I have everything that I need, but not everything that I want and sometimes that’s not good enough for me. I want to go out and do adventurous things, but my boyfriend would never allow it. He likes to sit in his room all day and do nothing. I want my friends back, and I want to be able to go out with them on the weekends, but he doesn’t trust me without him. I just wish that my life was a little more exciting.

  25. marie:

    todays my daddys birthday n he passed away 10 years ago,
    my grandma got admitted into the hospital this morning and is
    losing blood, n my boyfriend might move,
    life sux as far as now,,
    hopefully things get better :/

  26. Jade:

    No, I currently spend my time dwelling on the past. I hate it, but I have nothing to keep my mind off of it.

  27. Jo:

    For the most part yes I am content. I lost both my parents in my 40’s and as a result has changed the way I perceive the world. I now live everyday to the fullest. Always tell my loved ones they are loved. don’t waste my time on those who can only project anger. I may not have much money and I struggle every month like most. But I feel like the richest person in the world because the love of my life finally found me in the autumn of my life. I get to spend everyday with him and I am greatful that I am getting to experience true love before I die. Everything else is just a bonus.

  28. yes. i have unlimited possibilities.

  29. Raven:

    I’m at my dream school and will be doing research this summer. In the past year all my dreams finally started to become reality.

  30. Nick:

    I still have a lot to accomplish.
    But this moment, yeah, I’m happy with where I am.

  31. Tara:

    As of right now, no I am quite the opposite of happy with my life. Everytime that I think I can look back at what I’ve done and find things I should br proud of, someone shoots me down. It seems that every few years my life falls apart in the same pattern.
    And lately, I’ve been less and less able to handle my life and my sanity. I have dreams for the future, but no plans. I’ll see if I make it–even to my birthday and that’s in less than a week.

  32. neasa:

    Yes, although I’m living in Australia, Ireland is my home which I will return to soon x x I feel so happy with my life, I’m looking weight keeping healthy, back into my hobbies, music art, and of course back on track with a wonderful guy for the past two years, now engaged. Right now my life is great despite some bouts of home sickness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Rebecca:

    No way. I don’t like the career I chose, but I’m stuck in it for quite a while. Plus, I figured I’d be married by now, and I’m in a relationship with an uncertain future, and I’m not sure what to do.

  34. Julia:

    No, there are so many things I haven’t seen, or done. I haven’t fell in love, I haven’t traveled around the world, I haven’t even been to college. There is so much that I could be doing now, but I feel like my age is holding me back.

  35. emily:

    yes, because i am in love ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Sarah:

    Considering everything that’s gone on, and all the mistakes I’ve made in the past, I actually am happy with where I am in my life.

    I’m making changes to my life and to who I am as a person. Being braver and taking action instead of wallowing in self pity.

    I get angry/annoyed a lot less than I used to.
    &i’m a lot more sociable these days.

    Things are definately looking up for me.

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