Question 288

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  1. a deep hatred for the Dojo Toolkit

  2. Tay:


  3. Janie:

    I think I’ve met a friend that’s gonna be in my life for the rest of my life, and I’m super excited!

  4. Jenny:

    Freedom and determination, amongst many things. I started my
    own business and now actually ENJOY what I do. Each day i gain
    something new and life-propelling.

  5. Danielle:

    A Realization that I don’t want this job anymore 🙂

  6. Anonymous:

    appreciation that i won’t have to have this kind of job forever

    a place where i can chill after a long day of school


  8. does it balance out?.:

    friends, stress, knowledge, stomach ulcers, depression, education, better taste in music

  9. Joy.

    That’s simply what I gained 😉

  10. Gracie:

    My job is school, so there has been absolutely no monetary gain, but I have gained immense amounts of knowledge, friendship and the beginning of an identity

  11. Tiva:

    The ability to say no. (I had troubles doing that before)
    I also gained my own parking space, which is very cool.
    I gained self-confidence, and an understanding of not meddling in other people’s lives/relationships.
    I learned that I don’t need to tell everyone everything or how to keep a secret.
    I learned a lot about other cultures, and most esp the islamic religional practices.
    I have gained experience at a job that I have worked at the longest in my life.
    I have gained trust from one of the owners of the company.
    I have gained a stepdad and lost a stepdad.
    I have gained knowledge that my brain is one of my greatest strength, and a strong memory is wonderful.
    From this job, I have learned that there’s a lot of people out there that will lie, cheat and steal just to get some temporary happiness.
    I gained the knowledge that you don’t have to like your job, or the people you work with in order to do the best at your job and give 100%.
    I learned that when one person complains, it sends a wave of negativity throughout many many people that the original person won’t ever talk to. And the same goes with a compliment, too.

  12. Laura:

    I’m a hostess at a restaurant (I’m only 17) and from working there, I’ve learned that I definitely want to get a college education and have a real job. I’m not going to be like all the waitresses I work with who are dropouts and spend their paychecks on drugs.

  13. Erika:

    Confidence in myself and in my social skills

    The knowledge that my parents would do anything for me

    The knowledge that I would do anything for my parents

    The ability to talk to people without freezing or stuttering

    The knowledge that my autism cannot hold me back

    The knowledge that there are very few people in life who say please and thank you

    and most importantly…HAPPINESS.

  14. I recently left a job that used me up and then spit me out. I worked over 80 hours a week and it wasn’t enough to get the job done that they wanted. Corporate America is not for me. That is why I am now turning back to my entrepreneurial skills and using my blog to build a business. I am much more cut out for being self-employed!

  15. Anne:

    I’m in school, but I’m volunteering at a senior citizen’s home.
    Appreciation, mostly.

  16. debi:

    I have learned that living in the USA is special and being without family and friends is not worth all the money in the world. Back home from the Darien Jungle, Panama and Belize.

  17. The last job I worked at for someone else made me realize I didn’t want to work for someone else. It felt like being a slave.

  18. Nick:


  19. gg:

    confirmation that people are hypocrites, that in a mom and pop business everyone else gets nothing, that no one is ethical, and I should ahve stayed in school

  20. Katy:


  21. Julia:

    The ability to work with others.



    Falling in love (sort of.)

  22. Sarah:

    Knowledge of how to deal with the toughest of retail situations.
    I met the foulest woman ever, and having to work with her has made me stronger!

  23. Copper:

    Reassurance of what I really want to do the rest of my life. And I have gained some of the best friends I have right now.

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