Question 293

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  1. Janie:

    Studying and saving my money instead of blowing most of it. My college life would be so much easier right now!

  2. me:


  3. m:

    Believing in myself.

  4. a viv:

    making real friends.

  5. Anne:

    nothing really. I had fun five years ago.

  6. Praying. We all could use a little more prayer.

  7. Allie:

    Bonding with my family

  8. Amy:

    not caring what people thought about me. exploring who i was.

  9. LoveMe.;:

    loving school instead of just wondering and wishing that it would be over soon .. im now about to leave and im terrified and truely saddened that i have to .. :(,

    dnhs06-11!! you truely have been the best years of my life, your like my family!! <3

  10. Beny:

    Taking care of my health

  11. Lauren:

    Playing Music.

  12. Saying thank you more often, to my bf, friends and Mom&Dad 🙂

  13. Tiva:

    I agree with Anne; I wouldn’t change much of anything. I’m happy with where I was, and how I have grown and changed since then.

  14. Lg:

    I wish I would have put my time in at University. I am regretting not finishing school and now have to go back at a much older age.

  15. Sophia:

    I was only a kid at the time. I had a great childhood except I worried about everything, cried about everything. I wish I spent more time playing and having fun except worring

  16. Miler:

    Searched more for who I am..

  17. Spend more time with my teens. Leanr to like and appreciate who *I* am.

  18. Heather:

    Studying and involving myself in school. Bonding with my family. I also wish that I had opened myself up to a few more things earlier in life, like driving and getting a job. I did all of those things when I turned 18, rather than 16 like a lot of people I know. I also regret not opening myself up to more social experiences while in high school, but everything I’ve done turned me into who I am now.

  19. saving money

  20. Mama Bear:

    I wish I had listened to myself more, trusted my gut feelings and did what I wanted to do and followed my dreams. Now I am and life is amazing!

  21. Laura:

    I was in 6th grade. And I wish I had stood up for myself more..

  22. manny:

    thinking before speaking.

  23. Anonymous:

    Socializing with different people, exercising more and eating healthier, helping build up my family, and getting happier with my life.

  24. Gracie-Lou:

    being a child, and enjoying it…

  25. omfgg:

    Loosing weight, being more sociable and studying

  26. DSL:

    Being a teenager.

  27. different drugs

  28. Muj:

    Realising my main faults and weaknesses, then working to improve on them. Making friends with people because they made me feel good and comfortable, rather than with people who I had things in common with. Learning a new language, and other random esoteric stuff.

  29. nothing at all. i’m happy with what i’ve done.

  30. daisy:

    being more outgoing and being myself

  31. anon:

    Five years ago, I was 14, in the spring of 8th grade. I wish I had admitted that I had an eating disorder the year before and gotten treatment for it so that mentally I could be as healthy as I was physically. I wish that as I entered high school I spent more time with friends and trying new things, and less time stressing over work and grades.

  32. Daisy:

    I wish I would have focused on having self-confidence and being okay with being me. My self-awareness and lack of self esteem has held me back in too many situations since then.

  33. Nick:

    Building my self-esteem and character.

  34. Taylor:

    Living life, and just not caring about what people think..

  35. PufferFish:

    Talking to/visiting with my grandpa. I had no idea he’d die two months before he was supposed to see me perform with my school’s band for the first time at Disney.

  36. Sarah Jane:

    Telling my brother that i loved him one last time before he over dosed on drugs.

  37. Miranda:

    I wish I had spent more time being and loving myself and less time worrying about the opposite sex.

  38. Annie:

    Exercise and taking more chances

  39. I wish I would have been able to be more confident. I wish I would have told people exactly what I thought and been myself more. I am beautiful & unique yet all I did in high school was hangout with people who I had one thing in common with.I wish I would have told snobby girls off. I wish I would have been myself more mostly :/

  40. Jane:

    Being me!

  41. Haylee:

    Talked to my grandfather more

  42. Allyson:

    Not being a retard. Literally

  43. Jeremy:

    Masturbating. Costs much less than being with women. All that wasted money, not even half of them were that good of a lay

  44. Julia:

    Learning how to play the guitar.

  45. Sarah:

    My education.

  46. Kaysee:

    Not pretending I was grown up, being innocent.

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