Question 295

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  1. Jackie:

    a regular week about 15, month about 60, a year? alot.

  2. week: zero
    month: zero
    year: maybe couple hours(?)

    I love watching tv, especially for sports channels, and watching couple of hours a year quite satisfies all my needs 😉

  3. Jay:

    Not a lot for TV, but I use the computer a shitton amount of time. HOWEVER, there’s not much I CAN do, since my parents won’t let me out of the house and disapprove of me doing anything other than talking to them about how sex ruins your life and cleaning. :/

  4. Mike:

    Jay, I used to think like you, and I can tell you that such ideas only diminish your happiness. Change, man. Change.

  5. Sophia:

    I dont really watch that much TV, I am more on the computer. A week maybe one to two hours.

  6. Dave K.:

    I don’t. I threw out my TV in 2002.

  7. I don’t watch TV, I still have it at home though. I guess I watched for 5 hours during last 12 months. Looking at the comments from folks here, quite a few people are moving this direction, and not watching TV anymore.

  8. Cobalt:

    Only the shows that make me think.

  9. No cable, only access thru netflix and online. Hubby and I watch maybe 10 hours a week.

  10. tanya:

    Week: 0
    Month: 1 at most
    Year: 10 hours?
    I probably use the computer more in one day than the TV in a whole year…

  11. Zels:

    a week: maybe 12 the rest do the math lol

  12. Tiva:

    I have reduced the amount of TV over the years, but when I add it up, it still comes out to be a lot. 1-3 hours/day; 7-21 hours/week; and over 1000 hours/year.

  13. Shortie:

    Not alot… but when it comes to the computer I’d rather not talk about it >.<

  14. Anonymous:

    Too many!

  15. zai:

    I don’t watch TV 🙂

  16. S:

    I think that I watch around 14 hours of TV in a week.

  17. Nick:

    I barely watch TV. I’m always on the internet. I always am.

  18. Jane:

    Maybe a few hours a month, almost none thought

  19. Jeremy:

    Well it’s usually more time wasted when they have good pornos on pay-per-view

  20. Julia:

    A week-Maybe 5-10? At the most.

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