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  1. a viv:

    I like the responsibility, trust, and daily challenge.

    I dislike all the paper work

  2. Jordan:

    I don’t have a job, but I go to school, and that feels like a full-time job to me.

    I love the fact that I can see all of my friends on a daily basis, and talk to them freely.

    I hate the huge amount of work, and the fact that I don’t get paid.

  3. Laura:

    I like that I’m getting experience. Even though this is my second job, it’s my first at a restaurant, and as a hostess I’m required to talk to people. Therefore, I’m not as shy as I was when I first got the job

    I dislike that I have work on New years eve and early new years morning. I’m only 17, so I obviously want to spend New Years with my friends rather than with a bunch of old drunk men at a sports bar..

  4. I love my job so much, but am trying to come up with what I don’t like about it. I am not good at managing it, I mean, things like prioritizing my tasks and all the required paperwork (expenses, contracts, etc.). These are what I don’t like, and what I can improve a lot.

  5. Forgot to mention what I like. Meeting and working with people. I love working on my own too.

  6. Tiva:

    I like how I make an hourly wage, plus tips from the cab drivers. I like how I have my own parking space with my name on it. I like how this is the job I’ve had the longest in my life. I like how the mechanical shop is allowed to work on and fix my car when I have problems. I like that even though I start early in the morning, I also get off at 1pm in the afternoon.

    I dislike all the complaints from the drivers… not making money is a huge one. I dislike when managment and the owners are upset about things and bark and yell when something goes wrong. I dislike that our department seems to get blamed for a lot of problems, when it’s mostly not our fault at all. I dislike that we are open all the time, every day of the year including holidays. I dislike when the cab drivers try and flirt with me. (I am here to work, not go on dates with them!) I dislike how some of the foreign cab drivers show me no respect because I am a woman… but the same exact comments come from a man and they listen and believe them.

  7. I love my job as it is, everything included, because it’s the choice i made 🙂

  8. Marie:

    I love the admiration I get from my students… but I greatly dislike the disrespect I receive from some parents.

  9. Anonymous:

    I like the laughs I get from it, and that I get out of the house.
    I dislike most of the people there, but not all. Not yet, anyways.

  10. A.:

    I love working with my kids, watching them understand a concept. I love explaining things different ways, because they all learn differently. I love seeing a student who has a hard time controlling their emotions react to difficulties in a healthy way. I love hearing them call my name from across the room and run over to hug my legs when I walk into class every morning.

    I dislike seeing children falter and fail because they are not getting the support or understanding they need at home. I hate that some of them will not be successful through no fault of their own. And it breaks my heart that sometimes I can’t help my students because all I say to their parents fall on deaf ears.

  11. Beka:

    The responsibility, trust, fast-paced work, the people, the environment and the way people come to me for answers.

    I dislike the lazy, uncaring slow workers 😀

  12. Stephanie:

    I like my all of my coworkers, we have fun and make the night go by quickly.

    The only thing I dislike is that I don’t feel like I’m challenged with new responsibilities often enough. It’s just lather, rinse, repeat.

  13. Nick:

    I like it because I get to be creative.
    I don’t like it because I fear I may repeat some ideas over and over.

  14. gg:

    I like my office

    I dislike the company culture and its becoming more cancerous every day.

  15. Bella:

    I like that I get to really get to know my co workers and have a good hearty talk. And my pay is great. It also works with my evening school schedule for school.
    I hate absolutely everything else.

  16. Laurel:

    Giving little kids ice cream is the best. The worst is trying to get around my bosses’ incompetence and unprofessional-ism.

  17. Rachel:

    im a hostess and get paid to do close to nothing most of the time and i love that.
    however, i feel like a joke sometimes EVEN THOUGH i know its just been a temporary, high school and back-home-after-college job. makes me wonder what my purpose is, but then i realize who DA FUQ CARES

  18. Jeremy:

    I meet a lot of different people, great pay.

    Least I like about my job, long wait at the corner and the occasional cops showing up busting my business

  19. Allyson:

    The happy citizens walking about the park grounds always puts a smile on my face.

    What I least like is the dog crap their pets leave me.

  20. moonlight:

    I LOVE my job! I feel like I get paid to play! I get to design websites all day long. I get to use my creative ability along with my degree! I love all the people I work with. I love the fact that we all work as a team and help each other. I love getting to learn something new everyday and improve myself. I love my boss… there is none better!

  21. bailey:

    i like the 20 month old girl that i nanny and seeing her face light up when she sees me is truly rewarding

    i dislike the father of the kids i nanny that is 40 with peircings and tats who skateboards and thinks he is all knowing, the 4 year old girl that acts like a spoiled brat and constantly lies and complains, and the 6 year old boy that tells me he hates me and wishes i didn’t have to come to his house and is a know it all like his father

  22. Julia:

    The people I work with. Especially my crush, because I know if I didn’t work here I wouldn’t see him all the time.

    The people I work with. They drive me nuts.

  23. Copper:

    I love what I do and the people I work with. We’re like our own little family. I always look forward to seeing them.

    I hate that it’s so far away from where I go to college, so I can only work on breaks.

  24. Estefania:

    I like to see others change their lives in such amazing ways after a few sessions.

    I don’t like that it can be very stressfull with non commited clients, or when I’m working for health organizaions maily because they drain the life force out of me and then I have to go to the psychologist haha so… however now I’m working in my own private practice and about 10 hours a week so I’m happy.

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