Question 299

Photo by: Brittney Bush

110 Responses to “Question 299”

  1. brittany:

    i can write more passionite things than i can say outloud.

  2. Sarah:

    I have a lot of changes to make.

  3. anonymous:

    That i don’t add up, but what really does.
    That no matter how much i fight with my family, they’re the love of my life.
    That people like having me around.
    And I think I’m turning into a hopeless romantic.

  4. Vanessa:

    I am a very strong person, and with each stronger I face, instead of losing hope, I`ve come to gain it

  5. Kristen Deneuve:

    Need to stop trusting.

  6. hexmage:

    I am much more obsessive than I had believed, and it is scary.

  7. Shakila:

    That im an adventures

  8. agnes:

    that i can be a very positive person when i fall in love

  9. Desiree:

    I am much smarter than I think I am.

  10. Natalie:

    that I’m gay and it’s okay to be honest with myself about it

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