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  1. Julieta:

    Getting an email from someone I thought I loved telling me they didn’t love me and wanted to have nothing to do with me. I think that showed me that I shouldn’t give myself up to people so easily – even though it cost me alot

  2. Katie:

    Many months ago, a man I had been sleeping with assaulted me and shut me in his garage for refusing to perform certain sexual acts. I was convinced he was trying to rape me. It haunted me. It completely destroyed my sense of security and self respect; I felt like a weak individual for putting myself in such a dangerous situation.

    My initial reaction to this question was “When I turned around and realized he was in total control of my fate – and there was nowhere I could run”, but I was wrong. The most defining moment was when I realized he must hurt inside as much as he made me hurt, and I was able to forgive him for the months of fear and anxiety the incident caused within me.

    Now I realize just how strong of a person I can be. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

  3. Jeremy:

    The most defining part of my life was when I choosing if I should take the last blot of acid

  4. Allyson:

    Embracing the random voices in my head

  5. kelly:

    falling in love <3

  6. Savannah:

    The moment my girlfriend decided she wasn’t going into the army.

  7. Lucy:

    Breaking up and getting back together with the same undecided man over and over again…and then stop having this toxic relationship that hurts..
    I finished masters.
    I found a true friend that will not deserve me when I need her.
    My sister deserted family in a horrible way.

  8. Erin E.:

    realizing that I only had one parent left. My mom died exactly one hour before Mothers Day this year. </3.

  9. bailey:

    loosing 25 pounds, becoming a vegan, exercising daily, getting diagnosed with a.d.d., going to a psychiatrist, receiving my first report card that didn’t make me cry, confidence, realizing my issues and trying to overcome them

  10. Nathan:

    My first time to pitch in a baseball game, with only one day of practice my entire life. I got all 3 strikeouts for the inning. I struck out their best hitter who hadn’t been struck out all game by our first 2 pitchers.

  11. Julia:

    Falling in love, many many times. Finding out who my true friends were. Realizing that I needed to grow up. Getting my first job.

  12. emily:

    completing trek 16 at philmont scout ranch in cimarron, new mexico.
    i liked who i was on the trail better than who i am back home. and making it to the top of the tooth of time made me realize that i am stronger than i though, physically and emotionally.

  13. swedish_phish:

    This past year has been filled with more defining moments than I could hope to write about if I had days upon days of free time. One moment stands out, though, as especially dear to my heart: I accepted a friend’s thoughtful offer to hang out for the evening at a concert, feeling most intrigued by the prospect, and ended up finding more joy than I could have ever imagined. That decision changed my life in ways that I’ve only begun to understand.

  14. Sarah:

    When the love of my life broke up with me.

  15. Willa:

    falling in love. i never had anyone care about me until he came around. and even though he helps me through so much my favorite thing is when i can help him feel better about his life and his bad past <3 i love you sooo much babe

  16. Melissa:

    On October 30 I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

  17. Kristen Deneuve:

    The death of an old beloved friend.

  18. Ranica:

    When I was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the official publication of our school and I wasn’t doing a very good job, my moderator yelled at me and the wave of disappointment from him came crashing on me. The former Editor-in-Chief also spoke to me about it. All those disappointments that I created were painful, but it made me realize to get my myself together and do better and learn to work with the team.

    9 months later, we were able to produce two publications and the latest one was the best one yet.

  19. Shakila:

    Dance with my best friend in rain with tea and baked corn

  20. kina clark:

    My mother in law dying in my arms new years morning

  21. Estefania:

    When I realized the way I was pursuing my profession was making me miserable; so I decided to save money and quit at the end of the year… which I did and then travelled for 2 months, and now I just took the year of to reivent myself.

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