Question 305

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  1. kelly:

    1. trustworthy/reliable
    2. good sense of humor
    3. understanding

  2. Nick:

    1. Genuine – both to themselves and those around them.
    2. Trustworthy
    3. Easygoing

  3. adi:

    *humor at themselves and the world



  4. Savannah:

    1. Non-judgmental
    2. Good listener
    3. Trustworthy

  5. Raychel:

    1. Caring- would do ANYTHING for you
    2. Trustworthy- won’t go behind your back & can always tell you the truth
    3. Humor- can make you laugh even when you feel like the world is against you

  6. mg:

    1. Nonjudgmental of others.
    2. Able to enjoy both a fun night out and a relaxing night at home.
    3. Easy to talk to and share feelings with.

  7. Mary:

    1. Fun

    2. Understanding

    3. Loyalty

  8. Jessica:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Humour
    3. Good Listener

  9. Stacy:

    1. Loyalty
    2. Devotion
    3. Intelligence

  10. Nathan:

    1) Care: always has my back, through thick or thin.
    2) Trustworthy: I can tell them anything I want
    3) Real: The real deal, not a fake not a phony, a real friend.

  11. rail:

    1-sense of humor

  12. Julia:

    Loyalty. I can’t have a relationship that would be positive to me if I couldn’t rely on them, and have them rely on me. We need to have common ground, and strong roots.

    Honesty. Lies are ugly and you can never get out of them. I prefer to have a friend who can get me through my troubles instead of getting me in to more troubles.

    Respectful. To me and our other peers. Someone who is polite and will listen to me with an open ear.

  13. Nathan:

    1. ability to work with my quirks as I work with his/hers

    2. Huge sense of humor

    3. trustworthy

  14. Dunk:

    1. looks good naked
    2. has lots of money
    3. has a cat

  15. Ali:

    1 Honesty
    2 Open Mind
    3 Outgoing

  16. dara:

    1. honesty
    2. intelligence
    3. loyalty

  17. miss sparkles:

    a) positiveness
    b) silliness mixed with intelligence
    c) open mindness

  18. karakara:

    1. Trustworthy
    2. Someone who accepts who I am
    3. Someone who I can laugh with

  19. anonymous:

    1. Genuine kindness
    2. sense of humour
    3. more balls then me

  20. savannah:

    1. honesty.
    2. to be there when i need you most.
    3. good ethics. i dont need to befriend the assholes. i have to communicate with them every day.

  21. AR:
    2. reliance of each other
    3. keep your promise

  22. Kristen Deneuve:

    1) Being there for me when I need him
    2) Honesty
    3) Sense of humor

  23. Stephanie:

    Loyalty, Honesty, Humor.

  24. Annonymous93:

    1. Humor
    2. Trust
    3. Adventurous

  25. Marshmallow:


  26. Amy:

    1. Non Judgmental
    2. open minded

  27. Slappy:

    1. Speed
    2. Quality
    3. Price

  28. Daniel:

    Sense of humor

    musical taste

    420 friendly

  29. kina clark:

    Unconditional love and acceptance and ability to speak honestly to me without anger or hurtfulness

  30. Sarah:

    1) Being there for me when I need them (as I would do for them)
    2) Sense of humour
    3) That spark – some sort of connection that makes us interesting to each other.

  31. onemore:


  32. 1)being open to new things – like a finger up the bumhole, i do enjoy a good bumhole.
    2)how many drugs they can do in a night, the more the better, drugs are cool kids.
    3)must be wetter than helen.

  33. Jess:

    1. Empathic
    2. Loyal
    3. Forgiving

  34. Becca:

    trustworthy, compassionate, funny

  35. bee:


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