Question 321

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  1. kat:


  2. Heather:

    My bills cost roughly $600 (I still live at home, but pay for my own car and insurance and help with the bills around the house), so I’d say around $1000 to live comfortably, but to get by, only about $650 or $700.

  3. Mark:

    $600 to live comfortably, but that is without a car.

  4. jw:

    about $10000

  5. Sophia:

    Being the spoiled kid I am. Lots of money.

  6. jay:


  7. grub.glo:


  8. Barb:

    With all of our medical bills in addition to the regular, everyday bills (mortgage, car pmt, ins., electric, groceries, water, cable, internet, clothing, taxes, and on and on and on)…it would take between $8,500 and $10,000 to live comfortably. That’s if nothing else goes wrong.

  9. Anonymous:

    I wouldn’t know.
    Comfortably isn’t something I’m familiar with anymore.

  10. Spencer:

    Based on rent rates here, $850-1000.

  11. Richard:

    When I was living in Peru, I could get by comfortably on around $300 a month. It would have been much less, but I had to pay “gringo” (as they call foreigners there) rate for my rent. Otherwise it would have been closer to $200.

  12. Zels:


  13. We are squeezing by on $3800, but that is with 2 older teens at home going to college and helping them pay for gas, etc as they are having difficulty finding work. Without the teens, we could get by on closer to $3k. We eventually want to take it down further.
    Are you too busy to be yourself?

  14. TF:

    $2400 right now, but after my student loans are paid off in a year and a half, that goes down to $1600.

  15. manny:

    about 500 for everything.

  16. Justin:


  17. Celia:

    £1500 – that covers rent, utilities, food, fares, small amount for everyday/ extra expenses and a small amount to save each month for unexpected things.

    Asks the universe to provide this amount for me – thank you 🙂

  18. Tiva:


  19. faye:


  20. Anonymous:


  21. sunshine divine:

    with 2 kids, rent and other bills, about 5000 to live comfortable in the San Francisco Bay area.

  22. Drew:

    More than $25.
    Honestly, about $150 is a little above perfect.

  23. Nick:

    Probably around $1500. Much bigger much better.

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