Question 324

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39 Responses to “Question 324”

  1. Celia:


  2. d:

    Take pictures!

  3. Aaron:

    Play tennis and learn!

  4. Eric:

    I love to love.

  5. Nerii:


  6. Angria:

    Be with my horse and learn in class.

  7. dpovwkjeoå+srjfoå+9sierd:


  8. Hike, kayak, read, snuggle with hubby…
    Assess your life for stress

  9. Dan:

    I love playing music.

  10. just thoughts:

    I love to love and be loved. I also love to play, perform, and listen to music, it’s my passion.

  11. Tiva:

    Kissing is a great answer. I also love to paint, sleep, and talk to him. I love to laugh and make others laugh… greatest feeling. I love lip syncing to my favorite songs alone in my room. I love to dance. I love to eat and try new foods. I love doing stuff with my brother; he makes me laugh all the time. I love being good at my job. I love being a strength and support for others when they need help. I love being in a good mood.

  12. G:

    I love being myself!!

  13. Conor:

    I love studying, thinking about and discussing philosophy. I love kissing and really close intimacy. I love travelling the world. I love being with the person I love.

  14. Sophia:

    Lying in the grass on a summer’s day with big headphones with the volume turned up. I love to laugh, smile and mean it. I love to be with people I love. I love to dance and just shake it. I love to live my life.

  15. faye:

    I love to travel, I love to horse ride,spending time with my family and friends, making new friends, trying and learning new things,reading, lying in the sun, beautiful scenery 🙂

  16. b:

    i love being with my friends. i love being with the person i love. This is a weird answer but i love to emt.

  17. Brit:

    I love to meet new people, especially those that you have an instant connection with.

  18. Mohamed:

    I love to bring joy into other people’s lives 🙂

  19. A:

    I love to teach.

  20. Anne:

    spend time outside, think, socialize, relax

  21. sarah:

    I love getting away with little things! Like in high school when you sneak out of the house, or when you go to a concert for free by walking in the back.

  22. jackie:

    to learn

  23. Amanda:

    Listen to music, teach, and travel

  24. DSL:

    Being around my friends, family and animals.
    Writing, reading and listening to music.

  25. Anonymous:


  26. Mel:

    Watch her smile.

  27. mm:

    architecture and design

  28. Merrily:


  29. crystal:

    I love to workout. It’s my own personal time to get lost in my music and just breathe. It takes the pressure off of every day life’s ups and down, it renews my body, mind and soul. I am a strong believe in taking time for yourself everyday. And for that one hour cardio workoutI am able to forget myself and just get lost in a world of my own.

  30. Jillianne:

    Spending time with my partner and children, playing, laughing and being real in life on all levels : )

  31. Trent:

    Laughing. A lot.

  32. Drew:

    Feel the Earth. Feel alive. Believe in music and other people and poetry and a story and a song.
    I love to take pictures and scream at an audience when I read what I believe because nothing you love should be whispers.

  33. M:

    Paint, learn something completely interesting, and read.

  34. Work on the stage, building a set, painting the flats, hanging the lights.

    The hum of the sound system, the low rumble of the actors…

    I love the Theater. I’ve never felt at home anywhere else.

  35. mistie:

    I love to act, write, take pensive photographs, and persuade.

  36. anon:

    I love love
    I love being happy
    I love helping others and making others happy
    I love art
    I love my friends and family
    I love love

  37. Nick:

    Watching movies, making designs, Facebook and simply living.

  38. R:

    Making her laugh.

  39. Julie Takase:

    Art. I love it so much.

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