Question 331

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  1. Scott:

    Of the places I’ve been, I would have to say the top of Yosemite Falls

  2. Amber:

    My front porch. It sounds a little flat line, but I’m a simple person. My front porch faces one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country, in one of the most beautiful states in the country. I live in a semi-rural town, so the traffic is slow and the people all know each other. The nature and the familiarity all around me is home. Nothing can top it.

  3. CocoPuff:

    Somewhere were there is nothing but nature. Like the grass and the big trees in the meadow.

  4. Beka:

    With my husband, family, dogs, friends.

  5. At our summerhouse. I call it paradise on earth

  6. Sophia:

    My garden in the summer.

  7. Anne:

    anywhere outside

  8. b:

    anywhere near the ocean

  9. Angria:

    The classroom and the farm.

  10. tmb:

    sitting in my cozy little house, cuddled up with my dog, watching the falling snow.

  11. Leila:

    on top of a snow-covered mountain

  12. jay:

    Anywhere I can see the sun, moon, and stars.

  13. Giselle:


  14. A:

    The beach in front of what use to be my grandparents house. I will one day own that house and once again be able to visit that beach.

  15. A!:

    My great-aunt’s house in the middle-of-nowhere, where you can see and hear for miles. I come from a suburban area, where the stars are hidden, but there are more stars than imaginable where she lives, as long as the moon isn’t too bright. I fell in love with the place.

  16. Mel:

    Although I’ve lived in many places around the world, the only stable place I knew growing up was my Grandpa’s house. We used to ride our bikes, play in the back yard, color on the back porch and watch TV in his “Cheeto Chair”. He is gone now, the house sold and my family has moved away but when I am feeling down the pictures I have of that house never fail to remind me how lucky I am.

  17. JJ:

    A place called green acres on the ranch i use to work at. You could only get there on horse back and it is the highest and most open point on the ranch once you got through the clearing. it over looks the stream and on a clear day you can see for miles. and on a clear night you could see all the stars. when im there, i havent been in 5 years, you forget about cell phones and email and that there is an outside world.

    and close behind that is any private beach with a large body of water at sun rise or sun set.

  18. Jayne:

    My favorite place is somewhere I haven’t been yet. But when I picture it in my head, I see a hammock set up somewhere quiet, and there’s a soft breeze and the sun is shining. And I have a glass of ice water next to me. Someday I will see my favorite place.

  19. Liin:

    My boyfriend’s shoulder.

  20. Anonymous:

    In my room, on my bed, with my headphones.

  21. just thoughts:

    on the beach at sunset…or out in the middle of the lake, my lake

  22. Mark:

    With friends

  23. Jillianne:

    Bali village

  24. Tiva:

    In my room… I have made it to be so pretty… I just love it!

  25. Erin:

    There’s no place like home.

  26. sb:

    That beach that night with him, nothing will beat that experience. Next to that has to be the lake district, in the middle of an electric storm, the beauty of the country mixed with the anger of the skies. Amazing 🙂

  27. Danielle:

    In my girlfriend’s arms when it’s just us enjoying each other’s company and looking at each other and seeing our love. It’s beautiful.

  28. anonymous:

    The Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

  29. Gracie:

    Alaska <3

  30. zai:

    Home – but not like house, but place where I feel like home

  31. Gloria:

    My roof at night. Partly cloudy with a full moon and the stars shining bright with a light breeze =)

  32. iamnothing:

    inside of my day-dreams

  33. M:

    My beach. The houses are only 700 feet long, have outdoor showers, everyone knows everyone, everyone is friendly, and all we ever to is sleep, relax, eat, and go to the beach.

  34. marshall:

    Venice Beach

  35. June:

    Wherever you are.

  36. Hennie:

    There’s a really secluded die site almost in the center of South Africa called “Wondergat”

    When I’m at the deepest point, I’m at my happiest…

  37. mistie:

    Humanity’s imagination is a nice place to visit.

  38. Haze:

    In my beautiful home surrounded by lovely gardens, my dog by my side pretending to guard me, my favourite music playing and my sweet love pouring me a glass of ruby red wine.

  39. Lauren:

    The first thing that came to my mind was my high school. Weird.

  40. Nick:

    Where I feel home is.

  41. bailey:


  42. Clutch Cargo:

    My Blackberry patch

  43. Beach!

  44. kp:

    Sitting on the ledge facing the park & the water at astoria park. Watching the sky change colors with the sunset and watching the lights slowly light up the entire bridge. It’s pure bliss.

  45. Nic:

    Home is the best place in the world.

  46. Lauren:

    Several places, but I especially enjoy Mrs. Knaub’s classroom during lunch, Mrs. Andersen’s room during lunch, my basement, my room, and the corner of Marseilles and Fleur De Lis. Actually, anywhere Kelly is is good for me.

  47. bc:

    with my girl overlooking the ocean

  48. AM:

    The woods or the ocean. Hard to decide. I love both equally.

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