Question 339

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  1. nova:

    Last night, had a dream that I was being sexually assaulted by four of my close family members.
    The fact that it never happened makes those dreams so much worse.

  2. Karanime:

    Today, I had a dream that my best friend (who passed away Dec. 16th, 2010) was actually alive, and that I was kissing her and hugging her and telling her I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if she had really died.

    It was the second dream I’ve had of her that wasn’t lucid. The first one was within a few days of the accident, and in it, I’d tried to prove that she wasn’t actually dead. In all the others, she was my trigger for going lucid.


  3. frijt:

    I had a dream my dad was yelling at me about something that I’ve felt guilty about. I didn’t know how to cope, since I didnt want to cut anymore.

  4. Aaron:

    I remember my little brother and I were going to play tennis at the local high school. On our way in, this older male asked us if we knew who the baseball coach was. As the man started to walk away my little brother stated a name and the man said thank you. As soon as my little brother and I got to the courts, I realized I forgot my glasses so we had to go back. On the way back, I went blind, so I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear a volcano eruption alert going off and telling everyone to evacuate. It was really hard to move because the baseball team was there in hundreds of numbers. When we got back to the locker with my stuff in it, I found my glasses, but I had lost my little brother. I just remember the 3rd person POV zooming out on the high school and away from me sitting on the bench wondering where he had gone.

  5. DSL:

    Meeting the boy I’ve been talking to since september and can’t wait to meet him… he’s the best friend I could wish for and in this short period of time I’ve grown to love him and I really wish we could meet…

    I went to the town he lives in, waited for the bus that I take to my parents’ home, met two former classmates and then somehow got to his house which was very strange. Being with just the two of us was kind of awkward, but later on it was great =).

    Now let’s hope we’ll be able to meet soon…

  6. Tiva:

    I was driving to his apartment complex. He met me at the car as I parked and opened my door for me. He was wearing a dark blue button down long sleeved shirt with a black sweater vest over it. I got out of the car and he kissed me. He asked for me to go inside and he’d be there in a minute. I didn’t have a chance to tell him that I hadn’t brushed my teeth when he kissed me, but he did make mention that I wasn’t wearing any make up… which he seems to like. Then I woke up… 🙁

  7. jw:

    i was in my premier school

  8. Megan:

    I dreamed that my friend had tagged a picture from beauty and the beast on facebook and I was asking one of my friends who she had been tagged as. She said Belle. I was really jealous because she was good enough to be Belle and I wasn’t.

  9. Angria:

    I’ve been missing someone who moved for some time now and last night I dreamed they came back to visit. We spent the entire day together, talking like we used to, which made me sad to wake up because I can only see them in my dreams now.

  10. Diii:

    i dreamed that i immigrated to Canada , met the one , got married and had a baby … weird but it made me happy because i already was thinking to go to there 😀

  11. Roxy:

    I dreamt I took my former best friend back after we haven’t spoken in over a month. All she did was laugh and say she knew I would eventually like I always did.

  12. Kat:

    Being beaten and raped by my ex. Then being raped as a child by my babysitter Then my best friend who I is the only person I trust anymore started to beat me. Same dreams I have everynight.

  13. Joe:

    Early this morning: I dreamt I was visiting a war zone with my wife and daughter in tow. No one harmed, but much fear.

  14. Conor:

    You don’t want to know… O_O
    I don’t normally have dreams that messed up, freakish, bizarre and down right wrong, but the last one was a little bit in that category.

  15. Gracie:

    I was chained to a chair on a moving platform and I had to go from room to room watching all of my friends and family killed but I had to live, and no matter what I couldn’t kill myself

  16. Sophia:

    Me and my friend was walking walking home from tennis training when a van stopped right beside us, a man walked out and asked if we wanted a ride home. I said no thanks and we continued walked and he said it was no problem for him to drive us home. we started to walk faster and he started to run after us. And then I woke up.

  17. A Dreamer:

    I had a dream that I got accepted into all the schools I applied to, except for one. And the replies came in fortune cookies. 🙂

  18. Tanisha:

    I had a dream that I had to get the world to come to an agreement and stop all the violence and keep peace forever, I succeeded and ended up playing beer pong with our former president. Bush.

  19. Eric:

    I had a dream where there was a site to post your dreams online, in fact i think it was called

  20. zai:

    I saw a funeral of my grandmother and grandfather, it was different and strange funeral, because the both died 5 years ago.
    This funeral was nothing like the real funeral, it was strange with a lot of unknown people.
    After funeral I went to their apartment, but it looked more like my apartment, I fell on the floor and started to cry, because I miss them.

  21. Drew:

    I honestly don’t know.

  22. haithere:

    I was in my basement, and all my closest friends were there. The mother of Stefan, my very good friend who recently was killed, was there. She told us it was Stefan’s funeral, and that he was coming to say goodbye. He came in, and gave hugs, and whispered in my ear that he’ll always be with me. And then he left, and his mom kept repeating that life was never going to be the same. She gave me my favourite shirt that Stefan always used to wear, and I woke up. It may seem weird, but i feel like he’s near me the most when I dream about him like that.

  23. M:

    I was at my beach with my family surrounding me. It was storming and the waves must have been at least 12 foot waves. I looked over and I saw my best friends little brother. I nodded to him and smiled but he frowned and nodded towards the surf. I looked down, off the ledge of sand (That usually forms when a storm happens) and saw that there were many fishermen, and they seemed as if they were pulling fish in. I ran down the ledge to meet them. I asked the one what he was catching. He told me blues. I started to tell him that blues aren’t that yummy but as I did I looked in the ocean and noticed that they weren’t blue fish but in fact dolphins. I started to scream for anyone to help but no one heard or cared. So I jumped in to the sea and swam to meet the one dolphin someone had caught. I took the fishing line in its mouth and got it out. I remember the grin the dolphin gave me as well as the eyes.

  24. Nick:

    Just some random events that may or may not happen in my life.

  25. Michelle:

    I dreamed about being a camp counselor. i did it before and would again in a hearteat.

  26. panini:

    the boy who i love hugged and kissed me
    i was so happy then i woke up and realized that he probably loves my sister

  27. Laurel:

    I dreamed last night that I had to watch in shock as my boyfriend cheated on me. I was really upset when I woke up because for a few minutes, I couldn’t figure out whether or not it actually happened.

  28. Emma:

    I was walking around with my sister after she had finished dancing, her handing me 2 pierces of paper. One had a list of questions, the other had her answers. I don’t remember them all, but one said “I completely understand all of your stories you post now,”
    Thing is, I’ve never seen her handwriting in my life until last week, but I had the dream before that.

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