Question 345

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29 Responses to “Question 345”

  1. Tina:

    My mom. She’s the best at giving advice 🙂

  2. A!:

    Depending on the situation at hand, either one of my close teachers or my best friend who lives 3000 miles away.

  3. Jayne:

    My mom or one of my best friends, depending on the situation at hand. Between the lot of them I get pretty awesome advice.

  4. Kreuz:

    I’ll get introverted, I need time to sort out my thoughts to know what to do.

  5. Aaron:

    I usually don’t need to get advice from anyone because I don’t have any sticky situations. But If I need good advice, I just sit down and think about the situation and I come up with my own plan of action.

  6. V3nD1:

    I totally agree with Aaron. If you sit down and think about it through the night you’ll come up with a solution in the morning. You don’t need advices from anyone, it’s easier to rely on yourself.

  7. Angria:

    My friend. But, since he has moved away, I try to imagine what he would tell me. And then I come up with an idea myself.

  8. Anne:

    him. which is probably a bad idea. I still don’t trust him.

  9. Diii:

    Agree with Aaron . i don’t ask anyone for advice , i usually just sit down and think , till i come up with a plan that suits me .

  10. Sophia:

    My dad. Because we are very alike and he just give good advices 🙂

  11. Dan:

    My mom always has the best advice

  12. I usually get inspired from books, movies, blog articles etc.

  13. jw:

    some close friends

  14. Patrick:

    My boy Jesus has always got the best things to say. But usually he lets me figure things out on my own

  15. Drew:

    I need a support system.
    To all of the people who said they rely on themselves, don’t.
    I have for years and it’s gotten to the point where I just want someone to talk to, to complain to, someone to let me be human with.

  16. Danielle:

    My mom, my best friend, my girlfriend.

  17. Tiva:

    to my best friend. He’s so intelligent and brings things into perspective!

  18. Shantha:

    I go in silence and listen to my inner voice..

  19. Teresa:

    I call my mom. No matter what I need advice for shes the only one I call.

  20. Ewan:

    The all-knowing GoogleWebz.

  21. Rachael:

    My best friends, Adina and Brianna, or my deceased uncle.

  22. Bryan:

    To a professional in the field appropriate with the expertise needed for the advice needed duh… and also someone that can be indifferent and impartial

  23. Hennie:


  24. Valley:

    best friend.

  25. Jomz:

    I give advice for myself. But if things don’t workout, I ask Google or one of my friends.

  26. Nick:

    Friends and the internet.

  27. Johanna:

    My friend, Anna. She’s like my big sister, and she always gives great advice.

  28. I text my best friend.

  29. Jane:


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