Question 348

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31 Responses to “Question 348”

  1. Drew:

    Started thinking.

  2. Richard:

    Manage my money and resources better. Thankfully some friends told me about Financial Peace University ( a couple of years back, and I was able to turn my financial life around.

  3. Drew:

    Built more confidence in myself.

  4. Russ:

    I was taught how to love others, but I wish I learned how to love myself.

  5. Danielle:

    Better study habits. How to read people better. How to not jump to conclusions. How to not have a short fuse.

  6. Leila:

    That middle school (and often high school) “relationships” are ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.

  7. Sophia:

    I wish I would get closer to all my friends, before we started in high school. now I have lost contact with many of my friends that used to be my best friends.

  8. Gracie:

    I wish I had learned how to read sheet music when I took piano in early elementary school… After taking piano from pre-k until 5th grade, when I started flute and in middle school-9th grade (present) where I have just been too busy to learn…

  9. Gracie:

    Crap, I meant:
    I did flut in 5th grade but I hated it so i switched to choir in middle school and am NOW in choir, not doing flute.

  10. Gracie:

    Wow I really can’t type right now… I just babysat for 10 hours and I’m exhausted from choir shows the past 2 nights

  11. A:

    Learned how to trust people

  12. Icarus:

    In my opinion the real life starts when you start your studies. The life before that is a sealed and protected life with few opportunities for big mistakes and huge errors.
    That being said, my life has after my own definition just started.
    If there were anything to change, I wish I had met my girlfriend earlier in life.

  13. Inge:

    Listening to myself. Loving myself.

  14. Aaron:

    When I was younger, I wish I had done a lot of things. I wish I had tried in school(middle school and early high school), I wish I had self confidence and been able to laugh at myself in middle school, I wish I could go back now, being the person I am now and just seeing how my view on the world now would change the events of the past. I wouldn’t actually change the past because that’s helped make me who I am today. Looking at old pictures of myself makes me remember how confused I used to be with life and kinda makes me sick to my stomach. But those days are in the past and I’m glad I am where I am now.

  15. jw:

    learning more things

  16. Kreuz:

    Understood earlier that I have to consider my condition. Had more courage to do more things I loved to do.

  17. tiny:

    Listening to myself. Loving myself.

  18. tiny:

    i meant to put quotes around, not steal!

  19. nothing 🙂

  20. Gia:


  21. Tiva:

    Save money like my economics teacher told me to. He said if you save $100 a month every month starting when you’re in high school, you’ll have plenty of money when you’re ready to retire. I wish I would have listened to him.

  22. Marisol:

    Sex, Pot and that’s about it.

  23. chloe:

    Lost my virginity.

  24. Rachael:

    Met my two best friends.

  25. Dusty:


    Wish I’d learned to draw earlier. Properly. Not just drawing once a month.

    Wish I’d bothered trying to develop social skills.

  26. Joelene:

    I wished I had learn, explore, made so many mistakes as much as i could when i was younger.

  27. Anoop:

    well… cycling… damn, i still don’t know that..

  28. Eowyn:

    Thought for myself… rejected the political views of my family.

    Quit swimming.

    Started playing ultimate disc.

  29. June:

    I’m only sixteen, and last night I found myself and one of my best friend sitting talking how old we suddenly were. And to be honest, I’m afraid I don’t get to see things, the world and other nations.

  30. Nick:

    To stop it, but I didn’t. Eventually, it became my addiction.

  31. Maia:

    I wish I’d learned a second and third language before age 10. It would’ve been easier, and it would have majorly helped me in my goal of being a diplomat.

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