Question 352

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  1. Anne:

    I don’t really make quick decisions.

  2. Piera:

    I accepted presidency to a national music association.

  3. Aaron:

    I decided to join my high school swimming team. I wouldn’t have been the same without all the friends I made on that team.

  4. Aaron:

    Oh, and I decided to buy P90X. That changed my whole view on working out and fitness in general and inspired me to start crossfit πŸ˜€

  5. tiny:

    quitting my job.

    worst decision i ever made.


  6. Michaela:

    I decided to go to an informational meeting about the AMIGOS program that was that night and then I ended up signing up for the program then and I went this summer and I’ve been a different person since. I don’t regret it at all.

  7. Rory:

    The day after I found out that I had failed my first year in University in a course I hated (I had the option to return and repeat the modules I failed), I applied for a course that is going to help me start my dream course in September.

    Best decision I ever made! (Even if I am a University dropout πŸ˜€ )

  8. Wes:

    Going to group therapy. It was the best thing that ever happened for me, and I’ve made friends that I will always cherish

  9. Had no money but just bought one way ticket to Sanya island, went there found a bar job, found the mentor of my life and enjoyed a totally different lifestyle there for half a year ^^

  10. Rita Martins:

    I decided to go to Medical School. πŸ™‚

  11. Kate:

    I pursued a guy I had a crush on. After that I fell in love with him. If I had just stayed away I would have been okay.

  12. Jay:

    I turned right instead of left. Met a woman who I now know to be my guardian angel.

  13. Sophia:

    When we are kids we make friends kind of automatically. If I had chosen others friends that I did, I would be another person.

  14. Sophia:

    When we are kids we kind of make friends automatically. If I had “chosen” other friends than I did, I would probably be a another person that I am today.

  15. Angria:

    Two things: I chose my high school on a whim and absolutely loved it there. Those four years helped me heal and believe in myself again. Then, I took a Theology course my freshman year of college on a whim (again) and met someone that completely changed my life. Now, I’m a Theology major and plan on teaching it so that maybe I can give to someone what he gave back to me.

  16. Bee:

    One time I was having a lot of trouble trusting people. In a snap decision I decided to talk to my math teacher about it. I now tell her everything and she is truly one of the biggest helps in my life with anything I tell her.

  17. Jessi:

    “Saved” my girlfriend from dancing with a guy who I didn’t think was good enough for her. Turns out he was perfect for me and we’ve been dancing together for three years now. πŸ™‚

  18. Rachael:

    Having intercourse at thirteen, having a miscarriage and then thinking I could tell my ‘friends’ about it

  19. Megan:

    I was deciding between Duke TIP and Johns Hopkins CTY, and, one morning, I just randomly made the decision to go to CTY. Now, I can’t imagine my life without my experience there.

  20. Jessica:

    I decided to let my friend talk me into a boyfriend I have never even met. We started to date the very first day… After a year and a half with him, I’ve never been happierβ™₯

  21. Rayna:

    Saying yes to him. It was a decision to basically give up my childhood.

  22. Kay:

    Turning down an intership to spend the summer with my family, this year my grandmother died and I have no regrets about my summer spent with her. As far as how it has impacted my career it is too soon to tell.

  23. Blink:

    Sleeping with my ex girlfriend and breaking someones heart. I am now unhappy and in a volatile relationship, I’ve lost my friends and am fighting for my future. Funny how things turn out.

  24. AJ:

    Going back to school, best life changing decision ever!

  25. nicki:

    I quit my job and moved to a big city.
    This led to better jobs, marriage, two kids and the happiest years of my life.
    Then we all moved back home. It was what we thought was a planned, good decision. HA! Worst decision we could have made.

  26. allie:

    To say hello to my current boyfriend…we are soon to be engaged πŸ™‚

  27. Alia:

    I didn’t pull away when he kissed me

  28. Hannah:

    I decided to not go on a third date with a man that had been flaking on me due to his band, and now he travels the world doing tours. Our relationship would never had worked, and if I hadn’t have told him no, I would not be with the person I met a week after rejecting him.

  29. octav:

    to quit computer science and join architecture school

  30. John:

    deciding to forego law school and enter the seminary. I have not been the same since.

  31. Annie:

    When I was in third grade, the popular crowd wanted me to gossip/complain about my best friend. I refused. The popular girls started ignoring me. None of the popular girls from back then still talk to each other. But my best friend from then is still my best friend. Had I gossipped about her back then, we wouldn’t still be friends. We wouldn’t have the loving and supportive relationship we have now.

  32. Heather:

    To date my last boyfriend.

    I had heard that he liked me so during lunch I approached him after he had gotten his food, and I asked him if he liked me. He had asked me who had told him that, and I mentioned our mutual friend. So then he told me that yes, he did like me. So I asked him out. And he said yes.

    That was the best relationship I had ever had…I’m only 18 now but I don’t know if I’ll ever quite find love like I had with him. I regret hurting him like I did. But he changed my life forever.

  33. I had the decision of wether to go live with my dad three hours away from my hometown, or tough it out and live on my own on welfare, at 16. I had ten minutes to make this decision .. something that should be contemplated for a few days. I decided to stay and do it on my own. Almost 3 years later, I havent given up yet.

  34. Daniel Butcher:

    Handing in my letter of resignation to “Life”. Thank goodness they offered me more benefits and pleaded me to stay.

  35. June:

    I said “No” to movie-night with my best friend. Suddenly, I wasn’t worth a damn.

  36. zai:

    quit was worth it because now I know what I want from life

  37. Valley:

    going to the hospital or staying home.

  38. Brooke:

    Telling my best friend I was bisexual, and telling the boy I love how I feel, even though my feelings are unrequited. Both changed everything…

  39. Kikyo:

    I stayed inside the supermarket

  40. SarahDylan:

    To move schools at the end of year 9.

    It was a huge decision, but it got me out of depression and I now love life.

  41. Nick:

    Taking the plunge and joining a singing contest to save my team from default.

  42. Riddle:

    To confront my friends about how they were treating another member of our group.

    I didn’t know how strong I was, how weak I was or who my true friends were until I did that.

  43. Ara:

    To beak up with my ex, who was a liar and pushy when I wasn’t ready. It gave way to a whole new relationship that’s been nothing but amazing.

  44. Laurel:

    Switch schools.

  45. Emma:

    I decided out of nowhere to stay at school until my sister got out of class, not expecting it to lead to spending 3 hours alone with my other sister that I had grown distant from and save our relationships.

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