Question 370

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75 Responses to “Question 370”

  1. annah:

    Living crazy loud (:

  2. Naomi:

    Making. A. Difference.

  3. pit:

    hopeless pathetic existence

  4. Rick Davis:

    That one’s simple… (And no, those weren’t my three words)… 🙂

    Family, love, play…

  5. Jean A.:

    “I’m f*ckin’ happy!” — Me, ten years after (I’ma be 23).

  6. Claire:

    will be EPIC

  7. Carrie:

    I would be 24. So…..its just begun.

  8. Daniel Butcher:

    Keep smiling kiddo.

  9. abbey:

    Not about me.

  10. Kelli:

    It looks hopeful.

  11. Heath:

    Uncertain and awesome!

  12. Sapphire...:

    Full of life

  13. c.trip:


  14. Emonroe:

    Book wide open.

  15. Brooke:

    HOPEFULLY music producer

  16. Amanda:

    Full of love.

  17. Morgan:

    Being with him.

  18. Nick:

    Super duper fun

  19. bailey:




  20. Riddle:

    If it happens

  21. Sarah:

    Bright, Exciting, Memorable

  22. Jim:

    No f******* clue.

    I thought I knew more or less, but everything’s been slipped from under my feet.

  23. R:

    bleak at best

  24. Alex:

    I will care

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