Question 14

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25 Responses to “Question 14”

  1. Cathy:

    Definitely time. What will i do with money if I don’t have time with myself, my family, and my friends.

  2. Incrediburgers:

    I don’t think I’d worry about time or money at all if I were nearly as endowed as this guy…

  3. what about we let go of both of them 🙂
    they both important but neither deserves us be too obsessive with.

  4. Scipio:

    Time. We can live without money. And should. But we can never have enough time.

  5. Laura:

    Time. You can recover money. You can’t recover time.

  6. Hannah:

    Money cause then you could buy time.

  7. bobby:


  8. time. money is unimportant. relationships make a life.

  9. Jeverninjaa:


  10. April:

    Time with those I love.

    We can spend time doing anything and it’s wonderful just because it’s with him.

  11. tom:

    time or money what?

  12. fenixdemilo:

    both. only because what makes my life whole requires both. traveling that is

  13. Aimee:

    Time. Always time. Time for relaxing, time with him, time for happiness.

  14. Amanda:


  15. Andrea:


  16. Diva:

    Money. The time we are allotted is finite, but it’s already a given. Money improves what we already have. XD

  17. KokeKev:

    If you aint got money then you got time.

  18. RubenRybnick:


  19. Nick:


  20. Michael Hitchcock:

    Money is just a cheap symbolic form of time anyway. I already have all the time in the world anyway. Now just looking to convert some of that.

  21. Rachael:


  22. Joey:


  23. Rowena:


    You need time to make money.

  24. Rutager:


  25. chichay:

    time, money is so easy to find, save and spend but time cannot be stopped nor repeat

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