Question 382

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57 Responses to “Question 382”

  1. Erin:

    My sense of humor. That’s pretty much the only thing I’d want them to have .

  2. Mads:

    My love of reading and writing

  3. Jobie:

    My big picture way of thinking. I believe it has been one of the main things that has led to my success. I could always see the consequences or rewards of my actions and the actions of others, which led to me nearly always making the right decisions. I have no regrets, and I would love for my children to have no regrets as well.

  4. wizz:

    my height- they can acquire the rest.

  5. Alexa:

    my blue eyes:)

  6. Alex:

    My loving and caring personality for others.

  7. Julia:


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