Question 15

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  1. Charlene:

    Yes. Because people are constantly lieing to themselves because they have to, either to make themselves feel better about something or to make something they lied about seem true in their own mind. People can lie to themselves without saying a word out loud.

  2. Christina:

    If “lie” is not the decieving kind of lie, but the physical meaning to lie down, then no. Even if you are silent your mind is still going and you always have something on your mind.

  3. Scipio:

    Charlene pretty much says exactly what I think.

  4. Grace:

    I think, yes because sometimes people can lie to themselves with thoughts.

  5. dan:

    “I’m not gonna lie to you, Marge.” Pause. “Well, goodbye” — Homer Simpson

  6. bobby:

    Sure it is.
    Lying by obmission is very well known.

  7. Erin:

    of course it is. because when you hug me when im sad and dont say anything about it later. you are lying about how much you care.

  8. alli:

    we lie to ourselves without speaking aloud.

    we can lie in our body language. have you ever forced a smile on your face when all you really wanted to break down and cry? looked someone straight in the eye and shown them that smile when you know they would really want to see the truth?

  9. yes, by keeping things from people. it hurts to kow that someone you love is purposely not telling you something. it’s definitely the same as lying.

  10. April:

    Yes, the world needs the truth let out.

  11. Chrys:


  12. Aimee:

    Not necessarily lying.. but withholding the truth can be just as damaging as a lie.

  13. Amanda:

    of course

  14. Diva:

    Of course you can lie without words. You can lie with body language, signs, omissions, the biggest lie is lying to yourself though, because it perpetuates all sorts of other lies.

  15. RubenRybnick:

    as in to deceive yes because deception is to knowingly allow another to believe something that is not true.

  16. Jomz:

    Of course, by reading the expression or body language of that person. I’ve based this to a series called, “Lie to me”. He can detect lies without the suspect’s words, just the expression.

  17. bsf:

    yes. when you smile, but you are not really ok.

  18. Daniel:

    Yes, it’s called Lying to Yourself.
    (A tip of my hat to The Office)
    “Secrets secrets are no fun. Secrets secrets hurt someone.”

  19. Nick:


  20. Jessica:

    It is so very easy.

  21. Michael Hitchcock:

    All you have to do is “put on a brave face” and you’re lying.

    You can tell the complete truth verbally, but if you never show your feelings about it; if you never let yourself feel your feelings while your feeling them, you really are lying.

  22. Rowena:

    Yes. Actions speak louder than words.

  23. chichay:

    yes, through a force laugh or a simple smile

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