Question 389

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71 Responses to “Question 389”

  1. Maya:

    Singing in front of others

  2. Brigette:

    Artichoke. Hated it then, love it now!

  3. Sandra:

    Salad 😛

  4. sheridan:

    Naps & Guacamole.

  5. Nick:

    Naps in the afternoon. Every now and then, I would want to grab my pillow and tuck myself to sleep. Ah, the days.

  6. Clutch Cargo:

    Peanut Butter and Liver sandwiches

  7. Reading. Sleeping.

  8. Katy:

    Nap time.

  9. Jim:

    Broccoli and nature.

  10. Moudi:

    Smoking :p

  11. Michelle:

    my middle name. but now I love it and it gives me a connection to my Nana who died.

  12. Laurel:

    Trying different foods!

  13. Sherr:

    History! I truly hated having to learn what took place years before I existed and even argued with my teacher that it was useless info and would not help me in my future nor as a job requirement. Now I crave history and how fundamental it was in shaping how we live and change to live our lives today, I love listening to older folks talk about the good old days and what it was like way back when… My favorite tv network is The history channel, than next is the discovery channel. I also enjoy researching historical places like landmarks

  14. naps, and also watching Law & Order xD

  15. Jobie:

    Jeopardy! I used to HATE Jeopardy and love Wheel of Fortune.
    Now I love Jeopardy and hate Wheel.

    Also I love roller coasters, but I was deathly afraid of them when I was a child.

    And here is a “deeper” one: I like being different. No, I actually LOVE being different, but when I was younger I wanted to be like everyone else and fit in. That has definitely changed me.

  16. K:

    Naps. Sleeping. Having time to do nothing.

  17. Jess:


  18. sarah:

    car rides 🙂

  19. Anonymous:

    My Little Pony.

  20. blz:


  21. Copper:

    Naps, free time to just lay around and relax, and broccoli.

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