Question 392

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  1. Heath:

    To travel to another country in order to live with the woman I love.

  2. anon:

    To go to college.

  3. Heather:

    Wow, both answers sound far better than mine…

    I WAS going to go into Job Corps, but then I decided that I needed to stay to have a slim shot at maybe salvaging a friendship that I crushed not a week before I was supposed to leave…so…yes. And I couldn’t even get the damn job back…


  4. Kristy:

    The short answer is to go to college.

    It’s actually more complicated than that though. First of all, I don’t have a car anymore… And secondly, I found out that the same person that I had to turn in twice for hiding away merchandise from customers is going to become a manager. I won’t take orders from her, when she’s done so much wrong. Oh and of course, thirdly is also that I moved an hour away, and am now going to college. So that part is also true.

  5. Kat:

    Because I hated it.
    I went to work when most people got home. I worked on Sundays. I hated the food smell on my clothes and hair and I couldn’t even take a good shower when I got back, because everyone else were sleeping. The money was OK but it was just so hard to go there and I didn’t see the point in making myself so unhappy just for money. Now I have a new job. Less money but I feel so much better.

  6. chels:

    manager was disrespectful.

  7. m:

    To focus on school and family.

    (And because I no longer felt like smiling every day of the week.)

  8. Another guy:

    I felt that I needed to focus on school, and I didn’t really need the money, so I figured I might as well give myself some free time to do what I want before I wander off to college.

  9. Another girl:

    I went off to college and figured it was way more important than trying to maintain a low-paying job.

  10. illness

  11. Drew:

    Because of the thousand speeches preaching for me to believe in something that I didn’t and shunning me because I believed in something different.
    The day that I quit I almost gave up on Christianity but then I remembered that I was in it for God and not the people.

    I’m still really tired of Christianity.

  12. Kirsten:

    My last job was just a summer job, I left it in September to go back to school.

    I think it’s interesting that no one has mentioned getting fired or laid off.

  13. kat hills:

    i helped a friend out and landed up in jail and lost my job before i was able to let them know why i didnt show up

  14. Alexandra:

    It was taking up too much time

  15. Rachel:

    Never had a job

  16. I quit every 3 to 6 months because i hate dealing with bosses and coworkers SHIT! fuck – i need to grow up. but not today. 🙂

  17. Niklas:

    To live in the austrian alps for the winter season to ski and party every day.

  18. N:

    Because I got fired.

  19. dude:

    because i was late 3 times in a row (5 minutes late) because i missed the bus. stupid mcdonalds!!
    i know its my fault…but come on, its just a freakin mcdonalds job. 😀

  20. dude:

    ^^ forgot to mention: that they fired me for it.

  21. Kinloch:

    I left to serve my country

  22. kat:

    I just started high school, but I dropped my old community theatre group to join a competitive dance company, and now I’m starting professional dance/performing work.

  23. Jayna:

    At my last job I was a caregiver for my grandmother in my home town. I left because I was going to a different city to do college. (:

  24. I left to follow my husband to Japan. One of my favorite decisions yet.

  25. Mal:

    Because I couldn’t handle the stress.

  26. Emm:

    To serve my country’s military.

  27. Maya:

    I became too sick to work. I wish I wasnt

  28. Brigette:

    I lit my leg on fire.

  29. Neasa:

    The job I left was one I had the summer after finishing secondary school. It was full-time. I left to start my PLC course.

  30. sheridan:

    disrespectful management and co-workers, I’d rather travel anyway.

  31. Kal:

    Shortly after me and my girlfriend broke up, she was in a bad car accident. She was flown to a hospital an hour and a half away and was in terrible shape. I had missed one day that entire year and my boss still refused to let me leave..without thinking I walked out and without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  32. jlc:

    I was having an emotional breakdown because I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.

  33. Clutch Cargo:

    It Gave Cancer so now I can kick back and enjoy Chemo Therapy…

  34. L:

    because my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and i needed to go be his caretaker

  35. TB:

    A VP made a sexual advance which I declined, then proceeded to intimidate me for months, making it clear that my job depended on him so I wouldn’t tell.

  36. Hannah:

    No windows.

  37. Jim:

    Depression, and because I hated the job: overnight work, low pay, greasy and dirty, hard work, safety precautions being ignored, supervisors and coworkers couldn’t speak English

  38. Jane:

    My job was solely focused around making very decisions and a lot of physical activity. Those are my two WORST areas. I prefer inside things that required deep thought and intellect.

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