Question 403

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77 Responses to “Question 403”

  1. LH:

    Leave him
    Cut again

    I regret the cutting. Nothing else.

  2. C:

    cheat again.
    Smoke weed.
    date him, then love him, then go back to him.
    want to be with someone against everyone’s wishes
    contemplate suicide.
    but here I am.

  3. Have sex before marriage.

    Have sex with a guy I have only been with for a month.

    Fall in love.

    Burn myself.

    Skip class.

  4. jlc:

    Stayed in a relationship in which I’ve been betrayed in the worst kind of way, i.e. infidelity.

  5. Maia:

    Buzz my waist-length waves off (I’m a girl)…but I did it yesterday for cancer

  6. ABLee:

    Not to talk to her again, to forget her and go on. I did.

  7. Lauren:

    I said I’d never cut.

    I said I’d never be gay.

    I said I’d never be depressed.

    I said I would never want to die.

  8. melbotz:


    on the real though.

  9. rosy:

    cheat on my boyfriend

  10. person:

    Let that one night with one mistake ruin me.

  11. Marie:

    Not believe God was real.
    Suffer from depression.
    Be affected by the death of a Christian.
    Turn my back on God.
    Suffer from depression again.
    Be so filled with anger towards God that I didn’t know what to do.
    Hold back my tears.
    I have broken all of these in the past year and now can barely survive everyday life.

  12. Maggie:

    I said I would never let my life revolve around another person because I thought falling in love would make me weak. I’m happy to say I was wrong 🙂 🙂

  13. jenna:

    Stop eating.
    Hate myself.
    Lie compulsivly.

  14. anon:

    Cocaine and Heroin.

  15. anon:

    -Smoke weed
    -Smoke cigarettes
    -Fall in love with a woman

  16. Moudi:

    Smoking weed & cigarettes

  17. Adam:

    Smoke weed
    Smoke cigarettes
    Listen to heavy metal

    I want nothing more at this point in time to take something that will make everything go away for a couple of hours.

  18. Ashley:

    Use the acronym “SMH”

  19. rob:

    cocaine, i have no self control

  20. Gabe:

    Drink regularly, smoke weed, try to kill myself.

  21. pinkycarrot:

    unprotected sex
    get in a car with a drunk driver

  22. anonimus:

    smoke, cigarrete and weed

  23. Sara:


  24. Laurel:

    I said I would never let him treat me like shit, but I did…for so long.

  25. Emma:

    I promised I wouldn’t tear my family apart, say anything that would hurt them or our friendship.

  26. Copper:

    Drink. Have unprotected sex. Smoke cigarettes.

  27. Al:


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