Question 406

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69 Responses to “Question 406”

  1. Riddle:

    Not having my phone/backpack

    Waiting for someone alone on a busy street

    When I had 30cm of hair cut, I felt like I wasn’t wearing a shirt hahahaha 🙂

  2. C:

    not wearing my hair down.

  3. Jenni French:

    My truth!
    A short skirt
    tight pants
    my true love
    my desire

  4. Candy:

    it might sound a bit superficial but i feel naked without my makeup or phone.
    but also when i have to take off my rainbow bracelets, its a subtle reminder that i need to be who i want and noone can change that.

  5. Abbey:

    when the people who know everything about you judge you

  6. nicole:

    when i tell someone about my real relationships with the people that surround me.

  7. Anonymous:

    Showing my arms.

  8. Myself:

    when i dont have a necklace or my ipod.

  9. chaos:

    I feel most naked being barefoot. I just feel really vulnerable and don’t like people to see my feet.

  10. Maggie:

    wearing my hair up in a tight ponytail

  11. AA:

    Going outside without eyeliner, can’t do it lol

  12. Jane:

    Walking around a shopping centre alone.

  13. Jean:

    When people stare at me.

  14. xox:


  15. Laurel:

    When someone knows my secrets.

  16. Emma:

    Not wearing my bracelets on my left wrist.

  17. Alex:

    Having no clothes on 😉

  18. Danish:

    When people ask who I like or mention that I used to like someone.

  19. Joey:

    not wearing my thors hammer necklace

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