Question 427

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26 Responses to “Question 427”

  1. Morgan:

    The smells and being able to ride my bike again!

  2. anonymous:

    scent of lilacs, warm rain and long walks

  3. Riddle:

    The feeling that summer is just around the corner!

  4. Leila:

    new life. all over the place.

  5. Eric:

    Longer days, dusk comes later.

  6. SarahDylan:

    Knowing things are only going to get better…

    (I have SAD so this heralds a better mood)

  7. Anonymous10:

    It brings new hope. 🙂

  8. jes:

    Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan. 🙂 I hate the tourists here, but I love the tulips that line the streets.

  9. Aaron:

    The fact that it gets warm enough to play tennis!

  10. Susan:

    I feel reborn!

  11. noor:

    the colorful flowers around,the birds nice sound………

  12. Lara:

    That feeling when you step outside and for the first time in months you feel the warm pleasant sun on your face. No. Greater. Feeling.

  13. kp:

    The sound of birds chirping in the morning.

  14. Rachel:

    The feel of somewhere creeping in and the feeling of freshness

  15. Jessica:

    The weather that encourages people to go outside, and tends to put people in a good mood.

  16. TP:

    The sun staying out for longer 🙂

  17. Green Knight:

    I’d have to say the colour of the newly budding leaves 🙂 It’s the best colour in the world! It’s the colour of life and new beginnings.

  18. someone:

    The plants growing back, and spring break!

  19. rebecca:

    The first warm day after winter, and the smell of nighttime.

  20. Unknown:

    Knowing winter is over and summer is almost here.

  21. Atif:

    Agree with everybody above.

  22. abbey:

    Knowing that the hard time of the year is over (SAD sucks!), being able to lay in the sun, picking flowers, swimming, going on walks, waking up when it’s light out, hearing the birds chirping, playing in the rain :]

  23. Carven:

    Spring, not too hot, not to cold. It a season that is like nature’s “Restart” button, you see life all around you wake up fresh and new. You see the sun more often and enjoy the weather. Picnics, biking, fishing, sailing, morning runs…these are all things I do during and love about Spring time.

  24. New grass. Being able to drive with the window down.

  25. Oana:

    That I`m born on the same day when we celebrate mother earth, 22 april. And every time, it`s sunny and full of flowers

  26. Catie:

    smell and the breeze

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