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  1. Miranda:

    That one day ill get a phone call saying he will have to deploy to Afghanistan again, and this time try to explain that to our daughter because each minute that passes the years were apart and he’s overseas i fear that he may just not come back this time. So i stopped taking everything for granted.

  2. Atif:

    Im scared of ending up a normal life without doing anything great in life.

  3. abbey:

    The death of my two best friends who are really, really sick in the hospital.

    Missing warning signs and not helping someone that needs it.

    Not being a good parent.

    Falling back into that great big hole that is depression.

    Disappointing my parents, or disappointing myself.

    Being too afraid to stand up for what I believe when the time comes.

  4. Craig:

    Being ‘ordinary’…I cannot stand the thought of getting to my deathbed and realizing I lived life at a level less than what I might have…

  5. Nina:

    Of being rejected by people I love again…of being alone

  6. Rika:

    Missing out.

  7. P:

    Im absolutely terrified….of dying alone.

  8. Rachel:

    The dark, bees, escalators and elevators.
    Being alone with my oldest brother.
    Relapsing into my old habit.
    Hating myself again (although now, I am simply pure awesome)

  9. srinath:

    that i might [get hurt myself or hurt anyone] physically or mentally..

  10. Zoe:

    Being alone not knowing what to do
    Having no friends people not caring about me
    Feeling unloved losing what I have

  11. Zoe:

    Being ordinary
    Not doing any thing extra ordinary

  12. katie:

    that noone will fall for me.
    that i won’t make my dreams come true.

  13. Renee:

    Losing him..

  14. Gloria:

    not being fully happy when i grow up… (im still young only 18)

  15. Shannon:

    Growing up.

  16. Sydne:

    My neighbors

  17. anne:

    being wrong

  18. Karden:

    Never experiencing love

    Everyone thinks I’m this perfectly happy and completely satisfied girl but I’m 20 and never been in a serious relationship. Once I start feeling anything I run because I’m terrified that they will leave me first.

  19. Kristy:

    Making mistakes. (Consciously, I know making mistakes is a good thing and helps to shape who you are. Doesn’t make it any less scary though.)
    What happens after death. It’s really not death itself that scares me. It’s exactly what happens after the fact that scares me.
    Never falling in love.
    Being attacked.
    Being alone.
    And of course the hypochondriac in me is afraid that I have every disease known to man. But it’s not bad enough to actually need any treatment. It’s just for about a day after I read about some disease or something.

  20. Moudi:

    the phone ringing one day and one of my parents say “ur mother/father passed away”

  21. Oana:

    Being alone….. I`m alone for about a month now….. I`m crying and am really scared…..that`s why I`m on this site.

  22. Marie:

    Falling so far away from God there is no hope for repair and then dieing.

  23. Johanna:

    I’m scared of becoming my dad. I don’t want to hurt my kids the way he hurt me.

  24. lex:

    graduating high school. next year is my senior year and everytime i think of it i cry. i dont want to loose my friends, teachers, and everything about high school!

  25. Cayla:

    I hate admitting it to anyone, but I’m afraid of ending up alone more than anything.

  26. Cayla:

    Honestly, more than anything I’m afraid of ending up alone, even though I hate admitting it.

  27. Sela M:

    to become old..

  28. soulcatch:


  29. Marisol:

    Adulthood. I want to just be 19 forever.

  30. Kat:

    Letting someone in again

    knowing they’ll eventually leave.

  31. Brandy:

    Being alone…

  32. Delilah:

    of losing anyone close to me

  33. Blue_cookie:

    I’m afraid of not knowing. Not knowing what life holds for me, what job I am going to have, who is going to love me for me, what is going to happen.
    I’m also afraid of growing up.

  34. Ashley:

    Spiders, loneliness, the future

  35. Erin:

    There are a lot of things I could say. Spiders, the dark, my peers, rejection, school, bugs, etc.

    But mostly, I’m scared of myself.
    I’m scared to look in the mirror and see what I’ve become.

    “First you killed yourself, and then you came after us, one at a time.”

  36. Brittany:

    I’m afraid of losing someone close to me. I’ve already had to go through it once amd it was horrible, but I’m terrified of when it’ll happen again. And it’s scares me because I know one day it in fact WILL.

  37. wizz:

    brandy, you will neve be alone my friend.

  38. anonymous:

    what people think of me and say about me behind my back

  39. Sophie:

    Not being loved. Screwing up my entire life. Hurting somebody badly and not being able to fix them.

  40. Catie:

    being completely alone

  41. Lindsey:

    Oranges. Completely serious. They terrify me.

  42. xox:


    -Messing up.

    -Losing the people I love.

    -My feelings for my ex.

    -Never being able to get away from my mom.

  43. Alexa:

    i’m afraid that reality is not as good as i want it to be and thus, i’m also afraid of failure. moreover i fear of losing great moments/opportunities/ memories/ things that really matter,i’m afraid i’ll always let them pass by me and not grab them.

  44. Laurel:

    I’m scared of winding up an old woman dying alone in my bed without a single person in the world.
    I’m scared of being scattered like dust in the wind…and forgotten.

    I’m scared of never feeling love again.

  45. tabetha:

    I’m afraid of being alone.
    & Snakes.

  46. Fiona:


    Living my life alone.

    Not being enough.

  47. Vilho:

    Not having a son to invest in him before I die.

  48. Joey:

    hornets and letting down my friends, ill run like hell from hornets and feel like shit if i let down my friends

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