Question 439

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  1. Anonymous10:

    Some clothes and accessories but I may use some in the near future 🙂

  2. Anonymous:


  3. Nic:

    A hat… already got rid of it, luckily

  4. S:

    Nothing really well probably something, but everything gets kind of blended together and starts to look like brown dirty garbage, so I have to know what it is and specifically want to use specifically it- or it’s name becomes garbage. At least for some time. Maybe a small time.

  5. Nick:

    Wristband. Kinda looks big on me. 🙁

  6. shigezaw:

    life insurance.

  7. Aaron:

    Some of my textbooks! Oh my god that drives me nuts!!! XO

  8. m:

    Funnily enough, my phone.

  9. Conor:

    taekwondo shin and foot protectors. I stopped going the day before they arrived in the mail. Also I bought some water shoes for kayaking but haven’t used them yet either. I will use them in the summer though.

  10. Jessica:

    Sometimes I don’t wear clothes I buy- I get home and don’t like them as much. Or I never get around to returning them..
    and as said above, I don’t use all of my textbooks either.

  11. Another girl:

    Probably clothes

  12. Heath:

    A backpacking water filter. I mean, I still want to use it in the future, but it’s just hard to set aside the time these days to go deep-country backpacking into a place where there’s just NO pre-filtered water.

  13. Gracie:

    Ok I know this will make me sound *SUPER* spoiled but… my Ipad
    I bought it for school but it was just too inconvenient to type on so I got a macbook air and gave the ipad to my mom.

  14. Rachel:

    Books. Unfortunately I barely ever have the time.

  15. Debbie:


  16. Rayton:

    I bought a model a year ago which still waits for me to build it. I should try it once, but now it’s crazy over here.

  17. Grac(ie):

    My GPS. I feel like getting lost is mandatory for a person who has only had her license since 2009.
    Makeup. I put it on once and it felt so wrong *shudders*
    Clothes. I get the clothes home and honestly mean to wear them, but I am the kind of person who wears the same outfits over and over again.

  18. Oana:


  19. Kay:

    Every time I go to Walmart, I feel like I HAVE to buy a $5 movie…and then I never watch them.
    Purses…I hate switching bags, so I stick with one.
    Clothes. I like them in the dressing room at the store, then I get home, take the tags off, and decide that I don’t like them.
    Lotion…I have way too many bottles of lotion.
    Re-usable water bottles. I still buy the plastic ones that end up in landfills…

  20. Larikiss:

    Two things … A 24 month gym membership (not even wernt for ONE wokout) and a stationary excercise bike (a year later – still in the original box, un-assembled)

  21. Sophie:

    Sunglasses. I don’t go outside a lot.

  22. Catie:

    my roller skates my aunt tried to teach me but i was a hopeless case and they sit in the attic still waiting to be used again

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