Question 443

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  1. Jessica:

    I work in a day care, right? And I work in the nursery. And funny enough, it is the babies who bring out the best in me.

    It’s my friends, and the people around me- and my age, who bring out the worst in me.

  2. Alexa:

    the worst:
    there’s this guy who has liked me for the past 4 years (and i appreciate it, believe me), but i just don’t like to be near him, not at all.he’s ok as a person, it’s just me who can’t stand to be close to him. i find repugnant many small things that he has or does and that i don’t mind to see at other people. i guess it’s just bad chemistry from my part. and i found myself doing all kinds of things just to get rid of him:)

    the best: challenges and warm, sunny days

  3. Joey:

    best: my friend
    worst: someone threatening my friends

  4. Joey:

    thats suppose to be friends

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