Question 19

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23 Responses to “Question 19”

  1. Meagan:

    Being happy, not worrying, and allowing opprotunities to slip by me because I was too worried about what other people would think of me.

  2. Scipio:

    A good son to my father. And I dearly regret not going to him when he called me because we had had a silly argument. I should have realised that he was having a heart attack.

  3. Kayleigh:

    The freedom to let go.

  4. Kayleigh:

    And let loose.

  5. Kayane:

    I regret not being a better friend. I haven’t seen any of my friends since graduation and I know I never will.

  6. bobby:

    I always regret when i missbehave, when i get nervous or misstreat somebody.
    I regret i am not more patient with others.
    I also regret the fact that i smoke.

  7. loving.

  8. April:

    Appreciating how blessed I truly am.

  9. manderz:

    not being able to do more

  10. PAMELA:

    I regret not expressing the way i TRULY feel sometimes

  11. fenixdemilo:

    not being a better communicator, and thus a better friend. I’m certain most people know me by their opinions than from anything I have said or done. then again a bunch of them arent really hotshots either. I regret not having the confidence to move forward and create the way of living I would prefer, and instead being stuck in a kind of a life stasis. I regret not having fought harder for my personality and myself, and letting society redefine me instead of myself.

  12. Aimee:

    I want to be fully happy, I want to fully commit myself to something I love, I want to fully have him in my life. I would regret not having any of these..

  13. Amanda:


  14. Ris:

    Making the friends that I’ve made the last few years.

  15. Andrea:

    Partying! Going outside and being in contact with nature

  16. Diva:

    I’d regret living a lie.

  17. RubenRybnick:

    Not fully become as close to god as he wants me to

  18. Nick:

    Being myself and just do what my heart wants to do.

  19. lizzie:

    Knowing Europe

  20. Michael Hitchcock:

    I regret when I try to make myself less to fit in.

  21. Rachael:

    Doing: what makes me happy
    Being: more confident
    Having: a meaningfull relationship

  22. Rowena:

    I would regret not doing the right things. I would regret not being ME. I would regret not having the people I love in my life.

  23. chichay:

    being so unhappy even though everyone around me tries to make me happy

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