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  1. Angria:

    My mom was a nurse in the ICU where my dad was doing his residency.

  2. Kris:

    their friends introduced them to each other
    they met in Avalon, NJ. at the beach

  3. Daniel:

    My parents met at a high school party.

  4. John:

    Playing strip poker at a party. My mom was 16 and my dad was 18. You can imagine how that relationship lasted. The only thing that’s left is a broken condom named John and my brother.

  5. Morgan:

    The bar my mom worked at. He stole her from her fiance, and I think that’s awesome.

  6. Kaytlin:

    My mom worked at a fast food joint with my dad. He secretly liked her and would make fun of her stirrup pants and her bright blue eye shadow. My mom’s best friend had just broken up with my dad and my mom tried to get them back together. Her friend got mad and told her that if she liked him so much she should go out with him. That night my dad asked my mom out and the rest is history.

  7. Jay:

    Making fun of a judge who looked like a vulture.

  8. Anonymous:

    In the laundry room of the dorm they both lived in while they were in college. There was a TV where football games would play while people waited for machines and my dad would explain the game to my mom, who was British and didn’t get American football.

  9. Anonymous:

    Both of my parents met at a mutual friend’s place where they played Dungeons and Dragons at. During one DnD session, Mom was pregnant with me, had a crush on Dad and her birthday was coming up… so she got the guts to ask HIM out… and here they are, almost 20 years later, and happily married. The fact that I served as a catalyst made things all the better. 🙂

  10. Sharkey:

    Dad was my mom’s sister’s boss. mom was just coming out of an awful divorce, and was sewing and baking for people to make extra money. My aunt hired her to bake the cake for the birthday party she and her coworkers were throwing for the boss. He was a mountain-man type, and an honest-to-god beaver trapper, so she made the cake look like a beaver lodge and wrote “have a dam good birthday” with the icing. She delivered the cake herself, and my aunt asked her to stay for the party. dad saw the cake and was hooked… and then he realized it was home-made, from scratch. He’d never had a cake from scratch before. The girl my dad came to the party with went home alone, and my mom hasn’t spent any nights alone since then.

  11. Aaron:

    I’m pretty sure my parents met at work.

  12. Dale:

    My parents met when they were in high school at 13 years old. They’re still together 30 years later.

  13. Another girl:

    My parents met at church, I do believe. The were engaged and married all in less than a year. They now have over 20 years of marriage.

  14. a:

    my parents met at the arcade when they where in high school, their first date was a double date to smokey and the bandit. they are still happily married after almost 30 years.

  15. b:

    in a chem lab in college where my mom and dad were trying to become the king of the lab. they have now been married for over 25 years

  16. Drew:

    They met working at a ticket booth for a playhouse, hahahahahah my dad proposed in their bathroom while my mom was getting ready for work.

  17. Anonymous10:

    I do not know. They were both not very open with their past. They’re still together though for 31 years and counting..

  18. Sarah:

    My mom and dad were next door neighbors. However, my dad moved to a different part of town but the two families remained close because my mom’s best friend was my dad’s older sister. After years of constantly asking my mom out on dates, she finally said yes. 26 years and counting!

  19. mee:

    my dad bought a dog from her. or the other way round, either way it was over a dog.

  20. Megan:

    They were at a mutual friend’s wedding. My mom was married at the time to a man who abused her. Somehow things during the ceremony got messed up and they walked down the aisle together. They bonded later that night when they were the only two people who knew all the lyrics to American Pie.

  21. Grac(ie):

    My parents both worked nights at Micron. They met at a bar after work on a Sunday morning. They played pinball together. For an anniversary or birthday present (can’t remember which) my Mom bought Dad a pinball machine: Eight Ball Deluxe, the very game they bonded over.

  22. Meghan:

    I also don’t know. I don’t even know the date they were married except that it was in February. My oldest sister is 25, so I assume about that long or more.
    How they met geographically surprises me. My dad was from Arizona and my mum from Pennsylvania.

  23. adb:

    They were kinda friends when the were kids during the summers and then freakishly met again 20+ years later and they were married soon then after.

  24. Leila:

    their friends set them up as dates for a wedding. my dad was really shy and was so mad at being set up that he didn’t talk to my mom all evening, so she finally marched across the floor and said, “I did not come all this way for you to not ask me to dance!” HAHA
    the rest is history. they are so in love.

  25. Anne:

    My mom was a photographer for the school newspaper in college, and my dad was playing guitar with his band. My mom thought he was really attractive, so she took pictures of him playing guitar and after he was done she was so nervous all she could do was hand him his pictures and say “these might be in the school newspaper okay bye” before running away xD After that, they became best friends, and after being friends for a couple years, a mutual friend decided to make them date. It was awkward at first, but they got over it.

  26. Johanna:

    My mom was living in a house at college. My dad came to visit the college, considering going there in the next semester. He needed a place to stay for a night and the house my mom was in had an opening as one of the guys had just moved out. He stayed the night and ended up moving in. About a year later, he asked her out and they began to date.

  27. Ara:

    In a crack house

  28. Hallow:

    My father’s family grew up close to my mum’s cousin and her mother since he was six years old. He grew up hearing the occasional story about my mother and my grandmother, but never met them until Mum emigrated to Australia in her 20’s. My great-aunt and my paternal grandmother tried to set them up from the sounds of it, and succeeded!

  29. Nick:

    I haven’t asked them.

  30. A:

    My parents met at a Jewish fourth of July party….they were the only two non-jews at the party

  31. Rachel:

    They were introduced by my uncle in law. What a stupid man.

  32. Jessica:

    They met working at a grocery store when they were in high school.

  33. Larikiss:

    My mom was a University Rag Princess and their photo’s are usually printed A4 full colour in the annual Rag mags sold by all the students to colect funds. My dad took one look at her photo, put his hand on the page and told his dorm friends “I’m going to marry this girl”. Must have been Destiny .. as one of his fellow dorm friends were dating a girl that studied with my mother and in a roundabout way he did finaly get to meet her. (Well obviously he did) and they tied the know about a year later.

  34. Michelle:

    It was a blind date. She was eighteen, he was twenty one. He was so shy throughout the meal that she thought there was something wrong with him. She gave him a second chance, and the rest is history.

  35. I:

    My parents grew up in the houses opposite each other. When my dad came back from Ireland (He was in the army) he asked her on a date, she said yes, six months later they were engaged and have been married for 25 years this year. He never renewed his army contract because he wanted to be with her.

  36. Catie:

    they met on a camping trip

  37. Copper:

    They were neighbors at their apartment complex in college. very girl next door type story 🙂

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