Question 447

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63 Responses to “Question 447”

  1. Maya:


  2. Dalia:

    Take pictures, stargaze, imagine.

  3. Ainsley:

    I love on the odd occasion that i feel ‘confident’. I love to smile and laugh. But most of all i love to dance whilst people sing at kareoke! The atmosphere at kareoke makes me SO happy. I love it!

  4. kal:

    1. Be with my boyfriend.
    2. Take pictures.
    3. Learn.

  5. wizz:

    gym eat sleep

  6. Shen:

    Writing, traveling, reading

  7. Sophie:

    Listen to music

  8. JC:

    Feel the sunshine; travel to new places; hear my daughter say “I love you”.

  9. anonimus:

    laughing so hard my belly hurts
    listen to music
    talking to him<3

  10. Ali:

    1 Be surrounded by happy, energetic, fun loving, genuine people
    2 Dance and not care what other people think about me.
    3 Hear stories from interesting people about the crazy things they’ve been through in their lives

  11. AM:

    hang out with my daughter, take pictures, sleep

  12. Julia:

    Laugh. Discover. Listen to Music.

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