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  1. Mella:

    It’s been 2 months since I last saw, held or kissed my husband. I’m going home to him in a week with our almost 2 year old son.

  2. Maya:

    Seeing the kids in my neighbourhood grow up.

  3. Graduation
    I just graduated high school on May 26 an of course i’m excited but…
    thinking about all the times i skipped school i wish i could turn back time
    then i would definitely go to school every day and i would of tried harder too

  4. Dani:

    I’ll be a senior in college this fall, graduating May of 2012. This year I have to apply to grad schools & figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my life. Every day I’m like ‘where did the time go?’ I’ve met the most amazing people here, it will be hard to say goodbye to the largest and tightest knit group of friends I’ve ever had. It’s especially scary knowing that we’ll all be scattering after that. Also, I’ve been in marching band for 12 years of my life, and it’s incredible and sad to think that this is the last year I’ll probably ever play an instrument. AND I just turned 21. The last fun/cool birthday a person has. It’s so hard to really savor these moments when they go by SO FAST.

  5. Aviva:

    I wrote a birthday card to my kindergarten teacher for the 13th year in a row. I still remember walking into her classroom as a timid 5-year-old with my box of homemade chocolate-covered pretzels in hand. Now I am preparing to proudly walk across the stage to accept my diploma.

  6. M:

    I graduate in 27 days. It used to feel like forever waiting.

  7. Lizzy:

    When I was cleaning my basement with my older sister—we found a photo album of when we went to Disney world for the first time when I was about four. The next day, my best friend at school smiled at me and said excitedly, “Lizzy—we’ll be juniors in two days!”

  8. Kathryn:

    watching my baby grow up. She is five years old. She won’t be a baby much longer….

  9. Kay:

    The fact that I’m going to be a junior in college and I remember crying the first night I moved away from everything I knew. Now I can’t imagine my life having a different course and can’t wait to spend the next couple years, whether it passes quickly or not, with my family and my friends. It’s so amazing to see how we have all grown and how my friends and I continue to grow and learn together.

  10. meh:

    finishing my first year of college a couple weeks ago. Every year is going by faster and faster. scary. also realizing a majority of my friends are turning 20 this year. no longer teenagers!

  11. Rayton:

    A big event planned like a year ago is coming in nearly a month! It seemed so far away all this year, as if the day will never come.

  12. Shaniqua:

    This past week. I started a two week class for additional credit and met a guy who is genuine, kind, attentive, and sweet. When he talks to me, he listens to what I have to say. And there is only one week left of class… I’m going to miss him. This week flew by because of him.

  13. Lizzy:

    That the Europe trip I planned six months ago is in 8 days…

  14. Melly:

    seeing a puppy grow up, and not seeing her everyday. dogs grow up so so fast, it’s amazing.

  15. Dee:

    The fact that I so clearly remember the day I turned 6 years old.
    The fact that I graduated high school over a decade ago.
    The fact that I will be 30 in a few short months.
    The fact that my daughter just turned 9.
    The fact that my son will be 4 soon.
    The fact that almost a year ago, my 80 year old grandmother passed away.
    The fact that my grandmother passed away. (miss you)
    The fact that I know, life is short. Enjoy every moment, of everyday.

  16. xx:

    End of the school year

  17. alex:


  18. JJ:

    The fact that I can’t even remember last year…

  19. Richard:

    Life. When I think about life

  20. Jamie:

    Graduating from high school this year.

  21. Brandy:

    The fact that I graduated from high school a year ago, and have finished my first year of college.

  22. Dalia:

    The fact that I still haven’t worked up the courage to really take my crush to the next step.

  23. Karie:

    my little brother graduated from high school
    a lot of my friends are having kids and getting married

  24. noemi:

    im already a junior in highschool…………. scary.
    i still remember the first day of freshman year and i still feel like an 8th grader .

  25. somebody:

    realizing that one of my best friends past away almost 9 months ago….
    realizing that i need to start looking at colleges

  26. Shen:

    Childhood friend visit a week ago

  27. sarah:

    I graduated high school 11 days ago, but I feel like I was in 8th just yesterday..

  28. Catie:

    it feels like just yesterday it was the last day of school and now the fourth of july is already past

  29. Sammy:

    Looking at a calender, everyday looks so small and like you couldn’t accomplish anything in just one day.

  30. JC:

    Planning my daughter’s second birthday party.

  31. Tiara B.:

    I went over to the marina park a few days ago, waiting for my brother to pick me up later on. My father died last year, battled cancer for 4 years although the doctor said he would pass away after 3 months. He used to work at that park, supervising it. I went there: looked out at the ocean, saw some sea lions and had some flash backs, and walked all through the park. When he was alive, I used to dread going to that park because it was so boring. Now it’s a nice, quiet thinking spot where I feel closer to him. I realized time flies and the moments only last so long..

  32. Kevin:

    That I just turned 50. There is no way in hell that I can be 50 already.

  33. anonimus:

    realizing that two years ago my mom was alive, and realizing a year ago HE and I were together.

  34. Laurel:

    Looking at these photographs and thinking,”Wow, I can’t believe it’s been years.” or “Wow, I can’t believe they’re gone now.”

  35. Emma:

    Talking about things with my sister from the summer before our senior year started. Can’t beleive that was only a year ago, it feels so much longer.

  36. Copper:

    My best friend got married. And the kid I used to babysit is graduating high school.

  37. Dee:

    Seeing my friends daughter at her first football game….seems like just yesterday she was crying because she lost her favorite doll.

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