Question 20

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  1. Of course, but in moments of selfishness, who really thinks of it?

  2. Charlene:

    Sometimes I dont think about the fact that no matter what happens to me there is always something worse happening to someone else. In a way I think thats a good thing to remember to boost your own confidence but also to remember that you should always help someone who is in need.

  3. Cathy:

    Yes, definitely. I know the fact that there are many people out there who have nothing compare to what I have. That reality makes me humble and grateful for everything God has showered upon me. It makes me realized that I need to be generous because that is the reason why God blessed us for us to share.

  4. i try to remind myself the fact oftenly.
    and i also try to remind myself,
    always be grateful for so blissful life i am currently enjoying.

  5. Scipio:

    Yes. And it absolutely makes me apoplectic with anger. There is nop need for anybody to suffer in this day and age. The problem is we just don’t give a fuck.

  6. Allie:

    There are no people in this life who have exactly what they deserve. Some have more while some have astoundingly less. Luck mainly decides this; merit so rarely does.

  7. Mike:

    yes. many homeless persons wander through or near my neighborhood. And I’ve been in a foreign country (Mexico) where the standard of living for some is heart-wrenching.

  8. Grace:

    Yes. It sometimes makes me feel very horrible inside that i’m partly spoiled, while there’s people out there starving and i’m getting pretty much everything i want.

  9. Kayane:

    Constantly reminded of it.

  10. bobby:

    Very much.

  11. yeah, and its you

  12. Anonymous:

    Yes… look at the people of North Korea.

  13. i think of that every day.

  14. Sarah:

    i try to remind myself all the time. whenever i think about it i try to do something to help change that.

  15. April:

    I think about it all the time. Most people in the world probably have it much worse than I do. Your problems are bigger than mine.

  16. tom:

    what a silly question

  17. fenixdemilo:

    I am usually pretty aware of it, and deep down I am truly blessed that I am able to have as much as I do, despite being a little spoiled about it. However, it is one of the most overused phrases in the developed world, and if someone were to use it on me, it wouldn’t change anything, as much as I would like it to.

  18. Aimee:

    Always. But sometimes I don’t understand how they continue to live or be happy.

  19. Amanda:

    I am. And I always try to remind myself of it when I get down.

  20. Diva:

    This question is irritating. It just serves to make you feel like your problems aren’t valid. I know that there are people who are less fortunate both when I’m doing well, and when I’m doing badly, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to wallow in pity for a few minutes. Some people have been inspired to do great things in their lives because they have reflected on their circumstances being intolerable, and this wasn’t because they were thinking that someone else had it worse, but they were determined to change their lives because THEY wanted something better.

  21. Megan:

    not as often as i should be

  22. RubenRybnick:

    yes i am

  23. Daniel:

    Some days, I’m sure I cannot comprehend the extreme suffering that goes on in this world.

  24. Nick:


  25. Michael Hitchcock:

    Of course, totally, completely. This is obvious. But thinking about how other people have it worse is a backwards and necromantic way to inspire gratitude, which is what I’m assuming you’re trying to do here…. If I think of those who have it poorly, I prefer to think of them for themselves without bringing me into it. That just seems unbearably self-centered. Let me just think of them for themselves.

  26. Rachael:

    I do forget it sometimes… I should be thankful for what I have because someone has less than I do

  27. Rowena:

    It’s true, someone DOES have it worse than me… but that doesn’t mean my own needs aren’t important…

  28. jhierren:

    Yes, ever since I have open up my mind to what’s happening around us.

  29. Erin:

    Yes, and frankly I don’t find myself caring much about it. I’ll help them when possible, but I don’t live their lives, I live mine.

  30. AM:

    Yes. I always try to count my blessings instead of complain about things that aren’t going my way. I have A LOT to be grateful for!

  31. P.J.:

    And someone has it better than me. Does that mean I shouldn’t ever be happy?

  32. chichay:

    of course, but for me even if you’re wost than anyone it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with your life

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