Question 454

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  1. Maya:

    I wouldnt be rich for long, cause I always give until I got nothing left, haha!

  2. Angria:

    Extremely easy. And I have absolutely no desire for it.

  3. anonymous:

    Actually I think it would be harder than expected-harder not to be selfish. “too be content with little is difficult, to be content with much, impossible.” And I think that is true. It pushes your ego, making it harder to be selfless. I hope I am never rich in the monetary sense. I am rich in life, and that is something that cannot be priced.

  4. Brandy:

    I don’t think being rich would make life much easier, to be honest. While money would seem like pure security, it wouldn’t solve all problems or make up for the non-monetary things we enjoy and go through- loss, emotions, relationships, thought, and the little things in life. Even if you have a lot of material possessions, you’ll still have to face the same things that everyone else faces, even though you may have more nice things. Money isn’t everything.

  5. required Name:

    Are you kidding? I think it’d be great! 🙂

  6. Jay:

    I think it would be fun, but troublesome because people would always ask for money. I would rather be rich and keep my richness under wraps.

  7. Jay:

    Of course I would share as well.

  8. and soap:

    like, when you’re rich, you can basically do all the things that you have wanted to do for years, but don’t have the money for. like, just, right like that, just you could just establish a h o m e or house or center &c. and just right like that, just find the necessary lawyers, teachers, cooks, businesspeople &c. and just go all over and just fly around everywhere and not stop till you find the exact perfect people for staff and family friends or whatever you want to call it, and then, just, do it, and, like working is fun and awesome since you’re so excited about the effects it might have. And then, you just can just like – do it all the time – like for example, some time playing say, in the studio that has a window in the ceiling, and running your house center or whatever you want to call it – having meetings and understanding more, and just being around the kids and there’s time to do that-and so, you could just – like – work and play all the time 🙂 – and you might even think that’s the best it could even ever be- until the love of your life comes to her sense experiences, or you come to yours, and both – and then you get to work and play, and you’re with your playmate also. but that part is off topic a little.

  9. nerazzurri:

    it will be boring….

  10. Anne:

    I like to think that I’ll never be rich. I say that in the sense that I’ll never spend my money on myself unless i need to. I am already aware of my very privileged life that my parents provide for me, and I honestly don’t plan to live in a house this big with this many luxuries. We have so many unused electronics laying around, if I owned everything in this house, I would’ve sold them on ebay by now. As for the money I’d be sitting on, I like to think I’d keep in in savings for emergencies or pay for my future kid’s school or donate it to a cause I believe in. I can’t be sure what I’d do with the money, though, because as a teenager the largest sum of money I’ve had at one time is $100. I just like to think I’d spend it wisely.

  11. Rachel:

    Considering my financial situation.. and my life in general, money would make everything so much better. I admit I’d love to be rich.

  12. kp:

    Not my ideal lifestyle. Having that much money would make me lose sight of all the simple things in life, that’s for sure. I’m not sure that I would even be the same person that I am now if I was given the opportunity to buy anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. There are so many lessons that are never taught when you live in a world of riches. It’s overrated. I’d rather have my simple life. I work for what I have, and therefore I am well aware of the amount of time and effort that goes into both material and nonmaterial things in this life.

  13. sugar:

    being rich would change the world for me.

  14. Vicky:

    Honestly , i consider i am actually rich , even if im from the middle class.
    Being richer than that would just be boring as fuck..

  15. Morgan:


  16. Iraida:

    I can say that my parents are kind of rich, but they are not too happy about it. It is true that they can afford alot of things but the bills are also huge and they have to check the bank account to see if everything is okay. So it s not too much fun :d :p

  17. Sugar also:

    When I was 18 I earned (what I considered to be) – a sh-ahem, boatload of money, working at a club. The work wasn’t among the worst experiences I’ve ever had or anything like that, and I planned on doing it till I graduated, but the place first lost their liquor license, and then closed. Anyways, it was great, for the most part, and the parts that weren’t weren’t the fault of the money ,but rather poor choices on my part, and a lack of understanding about willpower and boundaries etc. But it was even better, since most of my friends didn’t have enough money, and it made me happy to be able to help them out, and treat them to dinner and stuff- and it was easy for me. It’s nice to feel like someone’s taking care of you for a while, especially when you’re struggling, and no one’s taken care of you for a long time.

  18. Toast:

    I like it when things are easy. Some things are already easy, some are getting easier, and sometimes the challenge of life can be fun. Having a lot of money would make some of the less fun challenges easy, and would open the door to being able to do certain things, and to provide the kids with the life they deserve.

  19. Jesseb:

    Make $25,000 a year? Congrats, you are one of the top 10% richest people in the world. Make $50,000? Top 2%.

    You are rich, you just don’t know it.

  20. Susan:

    Life would be much the same as it is now . . . only with a different set of problems and challenges. Money does not take away insecurities or illness . . . it doesn’t soothe the soul. It’s like alcohol — only a temporary fix. Some of the most screwed-up people I know are wealthy. It seems like everything is always about money. But money is not what everything is all about . . .

  21. Nick:

    That would be awesome. 🙂

  22. Heath:

    Hmmm, I guess that depends on how I became rich.

    If it was sudden “win the lottery” rich, then I’d probably be initially excited as heck. Then I’d become paranoid and plan the heck out of the next few years to as to ensure that I didn’t blow it all in a fit of “oh man I’m rich and I need every color of baloon” kind of temporary madness. After that, I would probably just feel like I do now (pretty darn great!), but with some nicer opportunities, long-distance vacations, semi-gourmet meals, and daily cooking and piano lessons (separately, of course) 🙂

    If it was slowly making money over the course of my adult life until reaching a point where my current younger self would defined me as rich… well then I would probably feel pretty similar to my current self, but maybe with some regret for a life spent working my butt off instead of enjoying and appreciating the world around me…

    Also, even though I have almost no money, I consider myself to be pretty rich in friendship and opportunity and health.

  23. b:

    i would give it all to charity so i would never know how it would be to be rich

  24. Rachel:

    I’d give it to charity. I have a communist view in that sense.

  25. CeliaW:

    I would just like enough money to never need to have to worry about having enough money ever again.

    My personal needs are fairly low – would be nice to have some spare to support causes/ charities i believe in and help friends and family on occasion.

  26. Lizzy:

    I won’t lie—it’s nice. The thing I love most out of my live is traveling with my family; and we have the money to do it. I’ve got a fair sized home, with a summer one on the lake in Tennessee to match. I’m able to do all of these fun things though, because my dad is a hard worker; and he passes his wisdom of business down to me. I already have a good amount of stocks bringing in my gas money.
    But there are hardships people don’t seem to get—like when you own a very popular business; people assume you get whatever you make for yourself. BS. There’s employees to pay, bills to pay, (rather stupid) business taxes, equipment funds—the list goes on. Finally when it reaches the top dog, there’s only a fair amount left (depending on the business).
    Money = hard work + time = diligence + patience.
    Also there’s labels—my last name makes it pretty hard on me; when people first meet me they want to know about my money management and luxurious life—not about me personally. Other times when people hear of me before they meet me, they assume I’m a brat. Not true at all.
    I work hard too—I’ve got my own stocks, I make sure my grades go up and stay up, and I even raise farm animals to sell in my county’s fair.
    Another tip to staying rich is trying not to splurge. All of the money I’ve made myself is sitting patently in my bank account—ready for me to spend it on something I really want; like my first house, or a trip to Europe…
    Bottom line; rich is nice, but not necessary… And it does come with some downgrades as well as upgrades.

  27. Kathryn:

    I am not materialistic at all and I don’t really care to travel. I would probably still go to school and eventually get a job. My life would be the same but my children would have a huge inheritance.

  28. ☻♣♦:

    money could buy everything..I COULD DO ANYTHING maybe

  29. Krista:

    liberating. free. limitless.

  30. Rayton:

    I’m living right now in a house with no economic problems. If i were rich I guess it would be all the same, jsut with the ability to afford more. I don’t actually look forward to it because i know that when having so much money, every little item that is bought doesn’t have the meaning and the significance as if it has when money takes a role. I guess being rich is nice for a while, but then you have to understand itl doesn’t make you any happier or stuff, replacing one habit with a more money-consuming one.

  31. ryan:

    Depending on whether or not you have friends and family you can spend time with, it may end up being rather empty and hallow.

  32. JJ:

    Idk but if I were rich I would just travel thewolrd, something I would do anyway but with money I wouldn’t have to worry about money. So I guess that is my answer….being rich would just be having financial security. One less worry..that’s it.

  33. Monika:

    Other then objects I would be the same.

    Buy a house with a few extra rooms for things I like to do, nicer car, more clothes shopping, eat out more often, get my hair done more often, nails done more often.. et cetera

    If possible I would like it if no one other then my family and close friends knew about the money. I would like to be treated as any other person, liked/disliked for who I am.

  34. Evanna:

    I’d get fancy foods because I like cooking, and go on awesome vacations. Other than that I think it would be the same… I’d still want my little cottage and wildflower garden.

  35. Dalia:

    Well, I wouldn’t have to worry about money (duh).

    But wealth does not help you avoid personal problems.

  36. Green Knight:

    Pretty much the same, but I’d probably complain more (like all rich people do).

  37. Nibor:

    A nightmare…

  38. Sophie:

    I have learned that buying things doesn’t really make me happy or emotionally fulfilled in any way. My family has enough money for me to live a comfortable life and I don’t even feel like I want an x-box or something because I would never use it. I would love to have a huge sum of money that I could just give to charity. That would be awesome.

  39. Catie:

    if i were rich it wouldnt feel any different because I would be used to it. I would rather experience the real world

  40. Laurel:

    I think it would be terribly lonely.

  41. Kim:

    It would solve many problems in my life. But I would not want to have too much, just enough to live a good life and do some good.
    And I could pay someone to give me a hug, but that would probably not feel as good as if someone who cared did it.

  42. Alex:

    It would be fun. It would give the resources to help others and make people happy.

  43. Caden Runyan:

    I think it’d be a good experience to be rich. I don’t think I’d like it as much as my life right now. Maybe a little bit of extra money but that’s all i need. I bet being rich isn’t all its cut out to be anyway.

  44. I would get my own bathroom with a private golden toilet so I wont be disturbed by any of my family members and I would make them poop out the window

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