Question 464

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  1. kat:

    (I’m fifteen so this is for the future)

    YOU CAN DO THIS! one year of high school left which means one year left in california then you get to move to the northeast or to europe! don’t give up on auditioning for professional theatres but don’t make it your whole life.

  2. Sophie:

    (I am 14)

    I hope you still realise what is important. Try really hard not to accidentally hurt people because you are short-sited. Don’t give up the hope that you have. Try not to get swallowed by it all, by anything. Be careful of the weaknesses you know you have and try to appreciate it all just in case.

  3. Catie:

    dont fall behind in college its the most important thing to secure ur future

  4. JC:

    Focus on school.

  5. Jen:

    You don’t need him. You never did. You don’t *need* any man. And when he does and says the things he will, remember he is lying. You are beautiful.

    Your family really, truly loves you, even when they say mean things. Be kind to your brother, and remember to tell him you love him. He was there before the boyfriend, he’ll be there after the breakup, and through it all, he loves you so much.

  6. Lilly:

    I do not see the point of this question.I am not 18 anymore and in this life,I will never be that age again.I have learned what I have to know and I cannot change any mistakes that I’ve done at the age of 18.

  7. Casey:

    Don’t date when you first get to college. Find yourself first because this is the time to define yourself. You shouldn’t be trying to mesh with who someone else wants or needs you to be.

  8. Emma:

    Go back 2 months to when I turned 18 and its this:

    It looks hopeless now, but you will have both of your sisters back. You guys will love each other as much as you did last year, you’ll talk nearly everyday, tell each other what’s on your minds, make each other laugh, piss each other off, make each other jealous, everything. But you’ll stop crying because you miss them, the only time you’ll cry is because you realize how much you love them again.

  9. Copper:

    Allow time to find yourself before you rush into a relationship. Don’t give your all to someone who is just going to use you.

  10. Alex:

    Since I am currently 18… I give myself advice everyday

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