Question 465

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  1. Angria:

    What happened in the past, which morphed into PTSD. I deal with the symptoms as they come rather than deal with what causes the symptoms in the first place. I’m great at confrontation….just not with myself :p

  2. Aaron:

    I’m lucky…I don’t have any…

  3. Gracie:

    That my mom isn’t present in my life because of migraines and drugs…
    and that i need to buckle down at school

  4. Morgan:

    That I do really like him, and since he’s older and I’m just a kid it can never happen. It hurts to much to think about.

  5. Hanna:

    I have problems dealing with the abuse I suffered at the hands of my father. I know it happened now, but I’m 18 and I didn’t admitt it until this year…18 years too late. And I constantly find myself backtracking, having to force myself to think in a way that doesn’t blame me for all he did. I find myself not confronting it because it hurts less. My friend, the one who saved me after it all, has to remind me that I’m not the problem and keep me hoping.

  6. Rachel:

    My irrational weird phobia.

  7. ...:

    I have trust issues. I selfharm.

  8. Heath:

    I was going to list a couple of issues that my fiancee and I have, but then I realized that we’ve confronted all of them several times, but just failed to resolve them in long-term ways… so far 🙂

    Hmmm… I guess I can be a dick when I think I’m right. I also don’t really care about other people’s negative opinions of me, if they don’t align with my own perceptions. I’m also somewhat tactless and painfully truthful. But I don’t really confront it, because I don’t really care 🙂 (there’s me being a dick again) I’m not making other people’s lives shit (that’s obvious), so why should I care what people who don’t ‘matter’ (i.e. not close friends/family/job-people) think?

  9. Smail:

    I really dislike to be asked by someone about where am I from !!

  10. Luci:

    My anxiety issues.

  11. Ael:

    My work habits at school, my depression, my self-harm, my anxiety, my trust issues.

  12. Debbie:

    Do you have an hour or two? Will answer later…

  13. swirling-thoughts:

    telling people how i really feel. i always hold back my thoughts.

  14. Cathy:

    The death of my unborn baby a year and a half ago, this is probably the first time ive ever acknowledged it out loud, everyone knows it happened, everyone was there when it happened, yet i refused to believe it and i wouldnt let anyone mention it, and i would never talk about it, not even to the father. I still to this day pretend it never happened, like those 7 months were just a dream for me, and i woke up.

  15. Sasha:

    That i’m a negative person, I fill my life with too much hate and negativity. I hold grudges, i’m rude to people, I don’t give second chances.

  16. Zoe:

    The conflict facing me and the crises in my life

  17. Rachel:

    A lot. I don’t even know them to name I’ve hidden them so well, I just know they’re there.

  18. Heloisa:

    A lot.
    But the most important is: I have a big afraid of life.

  19. Anne:

    him. anything about him

  20. Sophie:

    That I need help.

  21. Nic:

    My fear of crowds and loud music;
    My fear of failure;
    My relationship (or lack of relationship) with my mother.

  22. Canadachick95:

    Even though we aren’t doing anything, it’s still cheating because she will be hurt in the end.

  23. Evanna:

    I have a very quiet voice for medical reasons, and I’ve never been able to fully accept it. My boyfriend tells me he loves my voice, but noisy situations leave me in tears because I feel so trapped – nobody can hear me.

  24. Debbie:

    I have to start telling people what I really feel and my feelings about them.

    I loved my Ex bf very much, but I never told ’em, not even when it was already over. I regret that now.

  25. kayleigh:

    my eating disorder. it’s been four years and two relapses and I still don’t understand why it could kill me.

  26. Dalia:

    The possibility that I may be making all the wrong decisions for myself.

  27. Karie:

    My fear of rejection.
    the thoughts in the back of my mind that everyone is secretly just trying to make a fool of me and that no one actually wants anything to do with me

  28. Rayton:

    My fear of reveal myself too much.

  29. Nick:

    My trust with others, even my family.
    The fact that I’m already in college.
    Not being open to others.
    Giving up my bad habit that eventually affected my sexuality.
    Confessing my sins.

  30. wizz:

    i confront whatever is in my face.

  31. Lelio:

    There is nothing I refuse to confront. There are, however, things I confront that just won’t budge.
    My self-confidence, or lack thereof.

  32. kat:

    self-abuse and self-loathing

    I haven’t cut for a month and a half but I have scratched myself and nearly broke the skin…

  33. Catie:

    speaking in front of a crowd

  34. jkg:

    1. what i’m going to do when school is over
    2. changing the stuck-up-better-than-you part of my personality

  35. Jean:

    Get up off the couch and do something!

  36. Laurel:

    That he was my best friend and my greatest tormentor.

    That I hate him, but not having in my life brings me to tears every time I think about it.

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