Question 466

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  1. Kirsten:

    Basically everything that was remotely related to grad, what I’m doing for work this summer, hotels in Thailand.

  2. Johanna:

    I waited too long to tell him I liked him. His sister, a good friend of mine, told me stories about him. We met when he visited his sister at school. We talked over facebook for months after. We saw each other again at his sister’s wedding at the end of May. We danced together once and I kept catching his eye, and he mine, all night. I wanted to say something but I kept chickening out…he’s in Minnesota and I’m in Pennsylvania until August…I might have missed my chance with an awesome guy…

  3. I’ve waited too long to get “my act together”, find out what “I really wanted”, live “my own life”; all in all I’ve waited too long be be “my perfect”.

  4. Kong:

    Getting serious with college.

  5. kp:

    Financially getting on my own two feet

  6. LaraC:

    Accepting myself of who I really am.

  7. Taylor:

    Saying goodbye to him.

  8. To be happy and contribute 110% to people!

  9. Mahesh:

    Changing my first Job

  10. S.U.S.A.N:

    I’ve waited too long . . .
    To stop enabling my son;
    To love;
    To teach;
    To risk.
    To let go;
    To mourn;
    To get over it;
    To move on;
    To live my life fully.

  11. ching:

    I’ve been wanting to end a bad relationship but I just don’t have the courage so I’m still waiting and haven’t decided when to do it 🙁

  12. Kamal Kant Gupta:

    Take action to the things what i want from my life..
    In sort success….

  13. Nic:

    Accept that I am worthy of being loved.

  14. Canadachick95:

    Tell him how I really feel
    Face the fact the other guy is a cover up
    Let myself go for it

  15. Evanna:

    I’m a junior in college and I still haven’t decided if I want to go to grad school.

  16. Debbie:

    To quit …

  17. I just discovered your site today! What a great idea!
    I’m a life coach and I use thought questions (called powerful questions on my site) to help people think about how they want to change their lives. I have written a post and recommended that people stop by to see what you are doing over here. I’m glad you’re here to give visitors a little something extra to think about each day.

    I think it is fitting that the answer to your question is that I waited too long to become a life coach and fully immerse myself in my training. I couldn’t be happier with my career now.

    All my best!

  18. Elena:

    I waited too long to move on from a former best friend, turned enemy.

    But I’m glad I took the time, because now I have moved on completely, and she continues to try to seek revenge. And I am so happy.

  19. Ashley:

    To try to obtain my dreams.

  20. Rachel:


  21. Rayton:

    To be much more confident, to live freely and to ask her out.

  22. Renee:

    To leave my abusive ex, and find the true man of my dreams.

  23. Nick:

    On how I’m going to live a good life, away from all the crap I’ve been doing.

  24. wizz:

    i dont have the patience to wait- usually make it on the spot even if its wrong.

  25. Lelio:

    I waited too long to make the decision to take care of my own mental well-being. I’m just thankful that, when I finally did make the decision, it wasn’t too late.
    Now I’m not sure what I need to decide in my life. I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be solved on the spot.

  26. Magdalena:

    Forgiving my rapist. I just did today. To his face. He lost everything. So I decided to tell him to his face that I forgive him.

  27. Catie:

    saying hello to him

  28. blz:

    To buy my first guitar, it was one of the best decisions of my life.

  29. Casey:

    If I didn’t join a sorority when I did, then it would have been too long.

    I stayed with my first boyfriend for far too long. I would have been better off leaving when I first started to feel resentment.

  30. Grace:

    Telling him how I felt about him. I didn’t acknowledge that I had feelings for him until almost 7 months after he told me he liked me. Then when I realized that I’d fallen in love with him, I didn’t tell him because by then he was in a relationship. I still haven’t told him, and it’s becoming one of my biggest regrets.

  31. Copper:

    To be more outgoing about meeting people and making friends.

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